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Published: Monday January 20, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Monday January 20, 2014 MYT 9:07:32 AM

Wong ‘nets’ way to perfect dish

What a feast: Wong serving up the ‘pun choy’ or big bowl feast she prepared along with other dishes at her house in Relau.

What a feast: Wong serving up the ‘pun choy’ or big bowl feast she prepared along with other dishes at her house in Relau.

GEORGE TOWN: Com­pany secretary Angeline Wong Ying Mei searched the Internet for the right recipe to make a traditional dish known as pun choy (big bowl feast).

Wong, 30, said she wanted to get the dish just right for her family’s Chinese New Year reunion dinnner.

Wong, who has prepared pun choy just a few times, said she wanted to prepare the dish, which is a Hakka speciality, so that her parents and elder sister would not be disappointed.

“I try to prepare my home-cooked pun choy in the best possible way,” said Wong, who gained tips and ideas online.

“There is still room for improvement if you want to compare mine with those from big restaurants and hotels,” she joked when met at her house in Relau yesterday.

Wong said the huge pot would hold Chinese New Year delicacies such as sea cucumber, large prawns, dried Japanese scallops, abalone and mushrooms.

Other ingredients include roasted pork, roasted duck, fish maw, dried oyster, vegetarian shark’s fin, white radish and broccoli.

She said each ingredient was layered one on top of another, to give a different taste with each scoop.

“Preparing pun choy is not difficult but it needs a lot of patience and time, at least four hours.

“We need to soak some ingredients in water. Each layer will then be slow-cooked between 20 and 90 minutes,” she said.

Wong said the top layers would feature slices of abalone, large prawns and scallops, all of which are cooked separately.

Wong said she developed an interest in cooking since her secondary school days.

“In fact, I have taken over from my mother to do all the work in the kitchen during the festive season. Of course, my mother will still be helping and guiding me,” she added.

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