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Published: Monday January 13, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Monday January 13, 2014 MYT 7:26:32 AM

Lucky plants to usher in CNY

Chaik Hong and his daughter Yih Ying arranging plants at the Genting Flora Nursery.

Chaik Hong and his daughter Yih Ying arranging plants at the Genting Flora Nursery.

GEORGE TOWN: With Chinese New Year just around the corner, plants like lucky bamboo, pussy willow and kumquat are seeing brisk sales as they are highly sought after as decorative items and for feng shui (Chinese geomancy) purposes.

Plant nursery owner Tan Chaik Hong, 49, said the plants could be placed at strategic locations in the house for good omen or simply as decorative items placed in horse-sha­ped vases to signify the coming Year of the Horse.

“Top-selling plants such as lucky bam­boo, which means bu bu gao shen (every step bringing in more success), can be placed in horse-shaped vases.

“According to Chinese belief, gold coins placed under the vase of the lucky bamboo plant will also bring many good returns to the owner,” he said at the Genting Flora Nursery in Island Glades yesterday.

Tan also said the tao hua (cherry blossom) and mei hua (plum blossom) that are made from fabrics are also popular with Chinese customers as they add aesthetic appeal to simple plants such as the jin qian shu (money plant).

He added that yin liu (pussywillow), which can be found in red, blue and yellow, was another top-seller.

“Each sprout symbolises a welcome to a good year ahead.

“Meanwhile, the kumquat is belie­ved to bring good luck all year round, since the plant’s fruit can be found throughout the four seasons in the year,” he said.

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