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Published: Friday January 3, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Friday January 3, 2014 MYT 8:13:54 AM

Psychiatrists: Internet overdose disconnects kids

PSYCHIATRISTS in Hyderabad, southern India, have warned that easy access to the Internet and an overdose of social media could lead to changes in the behavioural patterns of youths.

Youngsters are losing touch with the real world, Tamil Nesan quoted the psychatrists as saying.

Reporting on a recent study, the paper said a group of international researchers found that excessive use of social networking sites makes people miserable, adding that with more accessibility to various websites, youths are likely to be less satisfied with their own lives.

Psychiatrists interviewed said they get three to four cases daily of “behavioural impairment” among youngsters due to their addiction to social networking sites.

They say that social network addiction is as serious as addiction to alcohol, smoking or gambling.

In these cases, patients are first counselled, advised to undergo “digi-tal fasting” and go through cognitive behavioural therapy.

Counsellors often advise parents and teachers to play a monitoring role in regulating children’s usage of such sites.


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