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Published: Wednesday January 1, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday January 1, 2014 MYT 8:22:32 AM

Pak Mie: I was led astray

Pak Mie and his wife outside the gate of their animal shelter.

Pak Mie and his wife outside the gate of their animal shelter.

ALOR SETAR: Muhammad Azmi Ismail, who has lovingly cared for his many dogs and cats in his home here, may have been misled into thinking that he could continue to stay put.

But he was wrong. He has now been ordered to vacate the place by today. The deadline for his eviction was yesterday.

Azmi, better known as Pak Mie, said that before the end of October, an officer from the council told him to upgrade the shelter.

“They also asked me to follow the health procedures set out by the council and the Veterinary Services Department.

“I accepted all their conditions and began to work on it, so, I thought everything would be okay,” he said.

Pak Mie, 56, and his 65-year-old wife have been taking care of hundreds of stray dogs and cats since 1990 on public donations.

Their efforts became known several months ago when news about their rescue work went viral on the Internet.

Yesterday, the MBAS gave Pak Mie a final warning to move out.

“The deadline ends on Dec 31. It is his duty to find a new site for his animals,” said Halim Mat Akhir, the director of the Environment Control Department of MBAS.

Pak Mie, however, is still hopeful the authorities will have a change of heart and let him stay at the shelter in Tanjung Bendahara, which was built on state government reserve land.

“During a meeting with the mayor on Sept 19, I was given until the end of December to search for a new site.”

“Before the end of October, an officer from the council told me to upgrade my shelter,” said Pak Mie.

He said he was also asked to do more upgrading work like building a roof, a cement floor, a drainage system and a septic tank but was delayed due to the weather.

Halim, however, said action would be taken if Pak Mie insisted on staying put.

“During the three-month grace period, we advised him to build septic tanks to prevent the animal droppings from flowing into the nearby river. That’s all we advised. We didn’t give him consent to stay there,” he said.

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