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Published: Tuesday December 24, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday December 24, 2013 MYT 7:35:22 AM

Akshaaye saved my life, says mother

Baby photos of Akshaaye

Baby photos of Akshaaye

MELBOURNE: A grieving father recalled the moment when his six-year-old son kissed him twice and looked into his eyes, saying “Daddy I love you, I’ll love you forever and ever”.

That was last Tuesday night, just hours before Dr B. Revin, a Malaysian doctor who was visiting his relatives here, was to fly home and leave his six-year-old son, Akshaaye Revin, who was supposed to celebrate his first Christmas in Sydney with his mother and cousins.

But tragically, that was the final time Dr Revin had with his only son.

The next morning, Akshaaye was killed outside a school here.

Dr Revin told The Daily Telegraph that Akshaaye was an affectionate and gentle boy, who brought love and happiness into his parents’ lives.

“The last six years since we had Akshaaye had been the very best,” Dr Revin said.

On that fateful morning, Akshaaye’s mother Ong Fung Yin was holding the boy’s hand as she walked her niece, Zoe Stephen, six, to school.

Zoe’s younger sister Ellie was with them.

“Akshaaye was on my right side and I was holding his hand. Ellie was just a little bit ahead of us and then Zoe was in front of her, rushing because she was excited to get to school,” Ong told the newspaper.

Suddenly the group of four was struck by a Nissan SUV as they approached the school, killing Akshaaye and injuring Ellie.

“My leg was pinned under the car but I somehow managed to pull it out. I walked to the front of the car and I saw Akshaaye but I knew there was nothing I could do to save him,” she said through tears.

“I picked up Ellie and I hugged her. I told her it was going to be all right. And then I went to Zoe and I asked her if she was ok.”

While Zoe was not injured, Ellie remains in a children’s hospital with a fractured pelvis. She isn’t expected to walk for up to four months.

Now recuperating from a badly injured leg at her sister’s home in Sydney, Ong said she believed Akshaaye saved her life.

“Akshaaye was originally on my left side, but Ellie had picked up a frangipani off the ground while we were walking. Just before we got to the school, she dropped it. So I let go of Akshaaye to pick it up, and somehow after that, he ended up on my right side,” she said.

“Because he was on my right, he took the brunt of the car, and not me. He saved my life.”

Police said it appeared that the driver was performing a three-point turn into a staff-only driveway when she struck the group of four.

Investigators said it was possible the driver accelerated instead of reversing, as she was manoeuvering the vehicle to drop her own two children at the school.

Dr Revin and his wife said they had no ill-feeling towards the driver of the car and begged her not to feel any guilt.

“The last thing we want is for her to carry any pain or guilt. We only have love for her. Akshaaye isn’t coming back but she needs to live, and we don’t want her to feel any blame,” Ong said.

In a tribute Ong wrote for her son, she said: “Darling Akshaaye, we truly believe that you have a bigger purpose, perhaps to be an angel now, watching over those of us who loved you from the shining stars above.”

The parents held a handwritten letter by Akshaaye to Santa when he arrived here last Saturday, saying “I’ve been a good boy”.

“He was very keen for an iPad, but we told him not yet, so he wanted a Nerf ball,” Dr Revin said. — Bernama

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