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Published: Wednesday December 18, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday December 18, 2013 MYT 8:51:27 AM

MPs urge Govt to postpone toll hike

PETALING JAYA: Lawmakers from both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat have urged the Government to postpone the proposed toll hikes until further studies are conducted on the matter.

Kuala Selangor MP Datuk Irmohizam Ibrahim said any review of toll rates should be postponed for six months to allow the Government to engage with all relevant stakeholders to ensure the increase would not burden the rakyat.

“In times like this, the Government needs to give at least six months to the people to cope with the other increases in the cost of living. It must get feedback from the rakyat first as it will hurt the lower income people the most,” he said yesterday.

Irmohizam, who is an Umno supreme council member, said special incentives should be given to the lower income group so that they could cope up with the toll hike.

“There must be a proper plan as the Government has just withdrawn the sugar subsidy and there is the impending electricity tariff hike. These factors must be taken into consideration,” he added. The electricity tarriff goes up by between 15% and 18% from next month.

MCA’s Tebrau MP Khoo Soo Seang said many Barisan Nasional MPs were unhappy that the price increases were announced at almost the same time.

“The Government should have dialogues with stakeholders. As backbenchers, we need to face the rakyat and explain to them in detail. Prolonging the toll concession period may be less painful for the rakyat than an immediate toll hike,” he said.

Titiwangsa MP Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani said it was not the right time to increase toll rates.

“The rakyat has just been told they will be paying more for petrol, sugar and electricity, and soon they will have to fork out more for toll.

“A review of the toll concession agreements should be made to stretch the repayment period,” he added.

DAP’s Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said there should be other ways for the Government to look for revenue.

“They should look at ways such as to impose taxes on the richer and higher income groups,” he added.

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