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Published: Tuesday December 3, 2013 MYT 4:53:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday December 3, 2013 MYT 4:58:45 PM

Keng Liang hands in memorandum to Selangor MB

Tan Keng Liang.

Tan Keng Liang.

SHAH ALAM: Gerakan youth chief, Tan Keng Liang on Tuesday handed a memorandum to the State Mentri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim questioning Pakatan Rakyat's promise to provide free education as promised in the manifesto prior to the 13th General Election.

Due to the absence of the MB, Tan handed the memorandum to the secretary of Ean Yong Hian Wah, the Seri Kembangan state assemblyman.

Tan, when met at the MB's office said that Pakatan, which previously promised free education in their manifesto, did not have any allocation for free education in their budget which was tabled recently.

"Instead, they are now looking to their personal interests by increasing their own salaries and not at all considering keeping to their promises.

"I am not saying they should give free education to all but, at least for the students in The Universiti Selangor ( Unisel) for which the MB himself is the president," he said.

When asked about Pakatan asking the Federal Government to waive the tax payment of the State government in order to provide free education, Tan said a government which can give a 373 percent rise for their high ranking officers, should be able to afford tax.

"Tan explained that the present ruling government understands that providing free education is something close to impossible which is why they worked towards low fees in public universities as well as PTPTN loans.  

"Pakatan on the other hand had already promised free education for their people, hence, instead of misleading people with false hope, it is time for them to carry out their promises," he added.

Tan explained that having a salary hike for their officers is alright , but an increment of such a large scale is highly unreasonable as there is so much more which could be done with the money.

"The speaker earns almost as much as the Prime Minister, and when this was brought up, they suggested for the salary of the Prime Minister and the parliamentarians to be revised," he said adding that Barisan Nasional will not follow suit as they collectively feel it is injustice.

Tan said the explanation of the state government to hike the salary in order to curb corruption is unreasonable as civil servants are left out of this increment.  

" In any case people of all ranks should be considered for a salary hike because these people are the ones actually working for the state and should be given the due recognition.

"Take today for example, in addition to the MB not being in his office, not even an EXCO member was present to represent him, instead the only people around were the lower ranking officers," he said.Tan added that the state government should really look into the issue and maybe propose a 30 percent increment than the presently exorbitant rise.



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