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British Airways to power jets with fuel made from garbage waste

18 April 2014

Britain’s flagship carrier is committed to using sustainable jet fuel in the future.

Life in the freezer: Wildlife photographer Doug Allan shares his cool stories

17 April 2014

The intrepid cameraman is also the author of 'Freeze Frame, A Wildlife Cameraman’s Adventures On Ice’.

Adjusting to a warmer world

14 April 2014

Plants, animals and entire ecosystems are on the move as rising temperatures force species to seek out cooler climes.

Contraceptives working too well for animals in the zoo

14 April 2014

Birth control drug has health repercussions for zoo animals.

Not extinct, yet: Survival tactics of a butterfly

14 April 2014

The quino checkerspot butterfly has made surprising changes to its 'lifestyle' in order to survive in today's world.

A zoologist talks about life among the wilds

14 April 2014

Dr Lim Boon Liat's contribution to knowledge in wildlife and parasitology is duly recognised.

Once bitten, twice shy

12 April 2014

INDAH Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd (IWK) will station technical personnel at its Batu Ferringhi sewage treatment plant in Penang, to avoid another Sungai Batu Ferringhi pollution issue.

Paris restaurants join initiative to cook up eco-friendly biogas

11 April 2014

A group of Paris restaurants is turning food scraps into biogas and compost ahead of a new law that will force thousands of French food outlets to recycle their organic waste.

Shark fin no longer served at Starwood

9 April 2014

International hotel chain bans the food in all its restaurants; phasing out other threatened animal species.

Beekeeping, the latest buzz

7 April 2014

The growing popularity of backyard beekeeping.

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