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Published: Tuesday December 17, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday December 17, 2013 MYT 11:09:57 AM

Iman shows off incredible form

CAROLYN’s School Of Rhythmic Gymnastics (CSRG) trainee Iman Alisha Fakhri Yassin continued to shine in the CSRG Friendship Carnival 2013 after topping the school’s Annual Grading Classification Competition 2013 in the Grade One category.

The eight-year-old was crowned the overall champion of the carnival’s Under-8 Grade One category with a score of 16.65.

She was in uncompromising form while performing the rope and freehand routines and had also won the first placing in both categories.

Iman Alisha said she was delighted to have won the competition.

“I trained very hard for this and I just focus on my routine,” she said.

Vivace gymnasts Ng Joe Ee and Yong Joycelyn grabbed the first and second runners-up of the category respectively.

Held at Sri KDU primary school, the by-invitation carnival had gathered six participating academy, including the Sunshine Club, Vivace Danz World, Serdang Angels, Subang Club, Kickstart Gymnastics as well as host CSRG sending some of their best gymnasts for the competition.

Gymnasts of each category were needed to perform two selected routines for 90 sec.

As for the Under-7 little gymnast category, participants were only needed to perform the free hand routine.

Meanwhile, Sunshine Club gymnast Alexis Hew performed well to top other gymnasts by winning the overall champion in the Under-9 Little Gymnast category.

Alexis said she was satisfied with her performance despite several hiccups during the routine.

“I made some mistakes during the ball routine and was unable to strike an ending pose in time even after the music ended.

“However, I am happy that I have made it to the top,” she said, accompanied by her coach Tramy Chan Sau Teng.

Vivace also did fairly well in the competition after its gymnasts Elsa Tan, Lim Sim Yee and Prazime Foo grabbed the top three spot in the Grade 2 category.

CSRG coach Carolyn Au Yong said she selected the gymnasts for the carnival based on their performance during the school’s annual grading classification competition which was held the day before the carnival.

“The top four gymnasts who performed well in their respective categories will earn a spot in the competition.

“The carnival also provided an opportunity for budding gymnast as young as five years old to contest with other gymnasts and gain more exposure,” she said.


Little Gymnast (Under-7) - Freehand

1. Iman Sofia Fakhri Yassin (CSRG) - 17.10

2. Christabelle Choa Mae - Sie (CSRG) - 17.00

3. Wong Yun Zi (Vivace) - 16.85

Little Gymnast (Under-9)

1. Alexis Hew Yuchen (Sunshine) - 16.80

2. Ikie Cheong (Vivace) - 16.58

3. Melissa Yu Ya Wen (CSRG) - 16.55

Grade 1 (Under-8)

1. Iman Alisha Fakhri Yassin (CSRG) - 16.65

2. Ng Joe Ee (Vivace) - 15.95

3. Yong Joycelyn (Vivace) - 15.80

Grade 1 (8 and above)

1. Lai Yun Jo (Serdang) - 17.15

2. Zara Eliza Ghazie Yeoh (CSRG) - 16.60

3. Aina Batrisyia Joo Mazlan (CSRG) - 16.55

Grade 2

1. Elsa Tan Li Qian (Vivace) - 20.10

2. Lim Sim Yee (Vivace) - 19.95

3. Prazime Foo (Vivace) - 19.55

Grade 3

1. Mandy Cebelle Chen (CSRG) - 19.70

2. Cheam Haylee (CSRG) - 19.50

3. Iman Suraya Fakhri YAssin (CSRG) - 19.33

Grade 4

1. Soo Sharine (Serdang) - 25.55

2. Wong Kay Lyn (Vivace) - 25.50

3. Phuah Zhy Ying (Vivace) - 25.25

Grade 5

1. Amira Sofia Amirul Fares (CSRG) - 26.50

2. Chong Jia Qi (CSRG) 25.65

3. See Won (Subang) 25.53

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