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Published: Wednesday December 4, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday December 4, 2013 MYT 11:37:53 AM

Youngsters given the chance to prepare before choosing sport to focus on

Airborne: Bukit Jalil’s Angel Tan Yen En leaping to a fourth-spot finish in the Under-13 girls long jump.

Airborne: Bukit Jalil’s Angel Tan Yen En leaping to a fourth-spot finish in the Under-13 girls long jump.

THERE was remarkable progress made in the athletes’ performances during the Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) International Combined Events championships at the National Sports Council (NSC) Training Centre in Bukit Jalil.

The two-day championships, organised by the Bukit Jalil Sports School for a fourth season and with support from Milo, was a platform for the Under-13 and Under-14 students, both boys and girls, from various schools to gauge their progress.

Besides Bukit Jalil, six other teams — Sabah Sports School (SSMS), Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sports School (SSTMI), Pahang Sports School (SSMP), Singapore Sports School (SSS), SMK Tabuan Jaya (SNKTJ) and Ubonratchathani Sports School (UBON) — took part in the championships. Two teams from Australia were unable to come due to local commitments.

Leading the pack: Parinya Kongsuk of Ubon Ratchathan set the early pace in the Under-13 boys 800m.
Leading the pack: Parinya Kongsuk of Ubon Ratchathan set the early pace in the Under-13 boys 800m.

The championships are unique in that participants in the Under-13 age group have to compete in five events — 80m hurdles, shot putt, high jump, long jump and 800m, while those in the Under-14 age group feature in six events — 100m hurdles, high jump, 100m, long jump, shot putt and 800m.

The championships, according to event’s co-ordinator S. Entheren, was a big success.

“We saw several athletes making an impact in their respective events with new personal bests. This shows that the athletes had been training diligently since the last championships,’’ he said.

Entheren said the aim was to expose the athletes to multi-lateral events before specialising in a particular one.

“The athletes would have to train for their respective events and we wanted to see them out do their own results.

Concentration: Ubon Ratchathan's Sakkarin Sunarak in the Under-13 boys shot put.
Mighty heave: Ubon Ratchathan’s Sakkarin Sunarak in the Under-13 boys shot put.

When they are 15, we expect them to specialise in one. They would be able to identify the events which suit them most,’’ he said.

Among the athletes who impressed were Tuan Juliana Hassan, Nur A’in Mohd Zulkifli and Muhammad Nazri Mustafa. The trio from Bukit Jalil Sports School recorded personal best in their favourite events.

Tuan Juliana won the gold medal in the girls’ Under-14 high jump when she cleared 1.57m. She was third in the 100m and second in the long jump and finished second overall with 3,850 points.

Nur A’in, taking part in the girls’ Under-13 age group, clocked a personal best of 12.9 en route to her third placing in the 80m hurdles. She also won a silver in the shot putt with 7.95m effort.

Muhamad Nazri was the overall winner in the boys’ Under-13 age group after being on the podium for three events. He won golds in the shot putt and high jump, and bronze in the long jump. He accumulated 3,520 points for the overall crown.

Entheren said they were pleased with the progress of the athletes from the Singapore Sports School.

“Some of them have been regulars in the championships for the past two years. They improved a lot and we hope to see them making an impact in the coming years,’’ said Entheren.

Bukit Jalil Sports School principal Datuk Marina Chin and Education Ministry’s sport division director Ee Hong gave away the prizes.




80m hurdles: 1. Arman Selatan (SSMS) 11.3; 2. Muhammad Hafizuddin Zam Zam (BJSS) 11.5; 3. Mohd Haikal Abdul Kadir (SMKTHO) 11.7.

Shot putt: 1. Muhammad Nazri Mustafa (BJSS) 10.57m; 2. Chong Wei Guan (SSS) 10.08m; 3. Mohamad Muqris Ahmad Hadi 9.92m.

High jump:1. Muhammad Nazri Mustafa (BJSS) 1.56m; 2.Muhammad Hafizuddin Zam Zam (SSTMI) 1.56m; 3. Mohammad Zairy Amirrul Khairi (SMKTHO) 1.56m.

Long jump: 1. Muhammad Hafizuddin Zam Zam (SSTMI) 6.10m; 2. Muhammad Loqman Hakim Sairu (SSMP) 5.93m; 3. Muhammad Nazri Mustafa (BJSS) 5.85m.

800m: 1. Mohd Rizuan Mohd Badar (SSMS) 2:21.6; 2. Mohd Nur Aidiel Masselan (SMKKTJ) 2:21.7; 3. Muhammad Loqman Hakim Sairu 2:23.4.

Overall: 1. Muhamad Nazri Mustafa (BJSS) 3,520 points; 2. Muhammad Hafizuddin Zam Zam (SSTMI) 3,390 points; 3. Mohamad Muqris Ahmad Radi (BJSS) 3,140 points.

Team: 1. BJSS 12,370 points; 2. SSTMI 11,770 points; 3. SMKTHO 10,200 points.


100m hurdles: 1. Nur Izwan Abdul Mutalib (SSTMI) 13.3; 2. Muhd Nur Haqim Abu Mansor (SSS) 13.3; 3. Muhamad Fitri Anaqi Sobry (BJSS) 13.4.

High jump: Mohammad Farid Lazim (SMKTHO) 1.74m; 2. Wong Chun Wee (SMKTHO) 1.71m; 3. Amir Afiq Ahmad Zuki (SSTMI) 1.65m.

100m: 1. Luqmanul Hakim Khairul Akmal (SSMP) 11.3; 2. Muhammad Nur Firdaus Mohd Radzi (SSMP) 11.5; 3. Kang Jun Jie (SSS) 11.6.

Long jump: 1. Muhammad Fitri Anaqi Sobry (BJSS) 5.86m; 2. Jominus Joseph (BJSS) 5.76m; 3. Zainor Mohd Hamdan (SMKTJ) 5.62m.

Shot putt:1. Kang Jun Jie (SSS) 13.24m; 2. Jominus Joseph (BJSS) 12.62m; 3. Mohammad Farid Lazim (SMKTHO) 11.81m.

800m: 1. Luqmanul Hakim Khairul Akmal (SSMP) 2:06.9; 2. Torrance Terrance (SSTMI) 2;13.2; 3. Kissada Bunmoon (UBON) 2:16.1

Overall: 1. Kang Jun Jie (SSS) 4,590 points; 2. Jominus Joseph (BJSS) 4,570 points; 3. Mohammad Farid Lazim (SMKTHO) 4,380 points.

Team: 1. BJSS 16,950 points; 2. SSTMI 16,180 points; 3. SMKTHO 14,930 points.



80m hurdles: 1. Karmentia Nadia Quadra (SSMS) 12.7; 2. Tia Lousie Rozario (SSS) 12.8; 3. Nur A’in Mohd Zulkifli (BJSS) 12.9.

Shot putt: 1. Nurul Azieyani Md Yatim (SSTMI) 8.40m; 2. Nur A’in Mohd Zulkifli (BJSS) 7.95m; 3. Angel Tan yen En (BJSS) 7.61m.

High jump: 1. Tia Lousie Rozario (SSS) 1.52m; 2. Ng Yu Jie (SSMP) 1.49m; 3. Jezebel Koh Xin Yun 1.49m.

Long jump: 1.Tia Lousie Rozaria (SSS) 5.31m; 2. Ng Yu Jie (SSMP) 4.75m; 3. Karmentina Nadia Quadra (SSMS) 4.67m

800m :1. Karmentina Nadia Quadra (SSMS) 2:40.8; 2. K. Sunithra (SMKTJ) 2:41.8; 3. Alexfalin Francis (SMKTJ) 2:42.6

Overall: 1. Tia Louise Rozario (SSS) 3,750 points; 2. Karmentina Nadia Quadra (SSMS) 3,610; 3. Ng Su Jie (SSMP) 3,550 points.

Team: 1. BJSS 11,350 points; 2. SSTMI 9,430 points; 3. SSMP 6,150 points.


100m hurdles: 1. Siti Nurathirah Mohd Razi (SSTMI) 16.0; 2, Syasya Izzati Mohd Nazri (BJSS) 17.3; 3. Tuan Juliana Hassan (BJSS) 17.4.

Long jump: 1.Siti Nurathirah Mohd Razi (SSTMI) 4.91m; 2. Tuan Juliana Hassan (BJSS) 4.81m; 3. Lai Hui Shan (SSMP) 4.59m

100m: 1. Siti Nurathirah Mohd Razi (SSTMI) 13.00; 2. Siti Natasshah Liyana Ibrahim (SSKTHO) 13.20; 3. Fatin Nurhanis Ibrahim (SSMP) 13.30.

Shot putt:1. Nur Izzah Md Nazri (SSTMI) 9.17m; 2. Rosniza Rosli (BJSS) 8.32m; 3. Siti Nurathirah Mohd Razi (SSTMI) 7.81m.

High jump: 1. Tuan Juliana Hassan (BJSS) 1.57m; 2. Siti Nurathirah Mohd Razi (SSTMI) 1.48m; 3. Anastasia Mandan (SSTMI) 1.39m.

800m: 1.A. Manissha (BJSS) 2:32.1; 2. Ullia Ulanda (SMKTJ) 2:36.5; 3. Celeste Goh Jia Rui (SSS) 2:37.5

Overall: 1. Siti Nurathirah Mohd Razi (SSTMI) 4,610 points; 2. Tuan Juliana Hassan (BJSS) 3,850 points; 3. Celeste Goh Jia Rui (SSS) 3,830 points.

Team: 1. BJSS 13,990 points; 2. SSTMI 15,240 points; 3. SMKTHO 11,650 points.

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