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Published: Monday March 25, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday April 24, 2013 MYT 1:54:48 PM

Park prowler strikes again at Taman TAR hiking trail

THE reappearance of the lone attacker at the hiking trail in Taman Tun Abdul Razak, better known as Taman TAR, in Ampang has cast a pall over the mood of those who frequent the place.

Zalilah Lambot, 46, a businesswoman recalls the frightening incident when she stumbled upon the attacker on Dec 21 last year.

“It started off like any other morning. I went there early about 6.30am and waited until others I knew arrived.

“Since the last incident in 2011, I had always made sure I was with others before heading up the trail,” she said.

Her habit had been to stay on a little longer than most of them and she only started coming down about 8am.

“As I was approaching the lake, I noticed a man in a security guard uniform and cap nearby.

“He was smoking and watched me even as I kept my eyes on him,” Zalilah said.

She described the man as being skinny, dark-skinned and probably in his 30s.

“His manner was very aggressive so when he threw away his cigarette, I immediately turned around and ran back the way I came. He gave chase but then disappeared,” she said.

Zalilah met up with two other women and persuaded them to descend the hill with her.

“I called the police before we made our way down.

“We saw the man again but this time he began unzipping and took off his pants.

“We started running away with him chasing us but luckily he did not follow us all the way down the trail,” she said.

The women then waited for about half an hour before a police patrol car arrived.

“After making a report with them on the spot, I had to leave. I did ask them to hike up to check the area though I felt that since so much time has passed, the attacker would have probably gotten away,” Zalilah said.

She went to a police station in the evening to provide more details about the attack but had yet to receive any feedback.

“It was a very scary experience. I remember an exercise mate mentioning noticing a man of similar description lurking in the area just a few days before my experience,” she said.

A similar incident happened in September 2011 when a naked man had attacked two women in the same area in the afternoon.

Prof Dr Catherine Yule and her maid Ika sustained injuries from the attack by the man who only ran away after taking Ika’s handphone that slipped out of her pocket.

Yule was reported to have met the man twice during her hike two days before the incident.

“He looked like a decent man who did not speak much but was quite friendly with my dogs,” she said.

Hikers are also on the alert for snatch thieves in the area after a case was reported on Jan 30.

The victim claimed that the man had been doing some stretching exercises and nothing seemed suspicious about his behaviour.

After snatching the victim’s bag from a bench, the thief ran away and successfully hid himself from the victim and two others who had given chase.

Known to many living in Ampang, the trail highlighted here circles a small reservoir and connects to others in the vicinity, including Taman Melawati, and is surrounded by the Ampang forest reserve.

The Ampang police have yet to comment on the matter after being contacted.

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