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Published: Thursday March 14, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Thursday April 18, 2013 MYT 12:53:42 AM

Lahad Datu: Prayers for fallen heroes

MALACCA: Former police constable Datuk K.Basil who served in Lahad Datu decided to hold a “pooja” (prayers) at the Bukit Beruang

Mariamman Hindu temple here for the fallen heroes who were killed in the recent intrusion.

The cop turned politician said he could picture what the fallen heroes had encountered when confronting the intruders during the stand-off.

“I was there in Lahad Datu in the 1980’s as young policeman and I know how arduous to combat foreign criminals, let more the intruders,” he said.

Basil who is the Malacca MIC Information chief said his stint in Lahad Datu had made him a very resolute and gutsy person.

“At that time, some of these foreigners committed serious crimes and we had to thwart it by putting our lives at risk.

“This time it’s totally a different situation, the intruders came with the intention of waging war and our heroes have been slained,” he said.

adding that one of his colleagues from Klang, Selangor was also shot death during a shoot-out with foreign armed robbers in 1983.

Basil said the experience in Lahad Datu had thought him to cherish life and act without fear if such situation arose.

“Some felt that I am too stern when voicing-out certain issues but this was the style we used to employ when dealing with the bandits who were heartless,” he said.

Basil said he decided to hold the prayers with Malacca businessmen who got acquainted while serving in Lahad Datu.

He said Lahad Datu was still entrenched in his heart as he met a myriad of ‘kind hearted and modest” locals who were willing to help others in need.

“The Lahad Datu folks undeniably are very friendly and accommodating individuals and it’s sad their land was attacked by the intruders,” he said.

Basil said he would also lodged police report last Friday against those undermining the ability of security forces.

“I hope the Government revokes the citizenship of those who are in cohort with the intruders and those who attempt to condemn our heroes,” he said.

Basil said only those who served in the region would realise the peril faced by army and police personnel.

“Everyone can be an armchair critic but in times like this all Malaysians should be band together in the spirit of patriotism and not by issuing preposterous statements,” he added.

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