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Published: Thursday February 28, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Saturday April 20, 2013 MYT 3:40:55 PM

Iron-willed Logindran

AT A time when many expect the help of others, one disabled young man insists on making it on his own terms while helping others along the way.

Logindran Kanawadi, 32, is a bright young man with a sharp mind and a will to succeed. At the age of eight, he suffered seizures during a bout of fever which paralysed the left side of his body.

Unable to take medication, he started horse riding at the age of 14, determined to gain use of his left arm and leg. He has been training three times a week in Bangi with the help of a corporate company, Zandkasteel Properties, which sponsors his rides.

“I ride with the boss, Mark Surya-kumar, who motivates me all the time. I have won four gold medals in competitions in 1999, 2003 and 2008. I feel light and it has improved my condition by leaps and bounds,” he said.

However, Logindran was determined to earn his wages and decided to help the company sell their properties.

As a sales representative, the competition is tough but he believes that a battle has to be fought to win it.

His attitude is a reflection of his will to do things on his own despite having his mother and two siblings to help him out.

“I started working in 2003 after my father passed away. I used to sell key chains and toys. People noticed me in Brickfields and asked if I wanted to become a direct selling agent and, from there, I moved on to work with Zandkasteel,” he said.

Logindran believes in diversifying and has started other small businesses as well to help make ends meet.

A kacang putih seller from Ipoh offered to supply goods to him to be sold at temples and Logindran sells the snacks all over the country.

The money he gets from that is used for his taxi fare to and from Bangi for his horse-riding sessions.

Realising the possibility of making a profit from small businesses, he has embarked on a mission to help single mothers earn a living selling kacang putih and sarees.

He said that several single mothers had approached him for a job after seeing him at the temples and he decided to help them out as well.

“Single mothers have a tough time to earn a living and raise their children. I only help mothers who have a keen interest and the perseverance to do this job,” he said.

A businessman in Sentul provides small packets of kacang putih and Omapodi (mixture) to him to supply the snacks to the single mothers at cost price.

He also gets Indian clothes from retailers at cost price and hands them over to the single mothers to sell as well.

“I take them along with me to set up stalls at temples so they can get to watch me work as well. I monitor them closely to see how well they are doing. If I find them slacking, I cut them off,” said Logindran who has some 20 single mothers under his wing.

Logindran said if the women do well, they would be able to earn some RM300 to RM400.

“All I can do is advise them. If they take my advice they will prosper. If I can do it, so can everyone else,” he said.

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