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Published: Monday January 21, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Monday April 22, 2013 MYT 3:50:57 PM

Unwinding in the city

CITY folk can now unwind at the Kinta riverfront in Ipoh after a hard day’s work.

A RM100,000 viewing deck near the River Information Centre is completed, and water activities such as boating and canoeing are in the pipeline.

Perak Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) director Datuk Abdul Razak Dahalan said a jetty had been constructed near the centre.

To kick-start the activities, he said the department planned to organise boating and canoeing competitions.

“If all works out well, we can hold the competitions later this month.

“Once we are more settled, we hope to seek participation of private sectors to carry out the water activities on a regular basis,” he told The Star recently.

Abdul Razak added that once the long-term plan was in place, visitors to the riverfront would be able to go for boat rides in the evening.

He said the department hoped to have permanent water-based activities by middle of next year.

DID spent RM1mil on the lighting and landscaping at the stretch of the river to beautify the area.

There is a hotel located along the riverfront, beside a replica of the famous San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Plans are also in the pipeline to create a vibrant nightlife.

Abdul Razak was happy to note that people were seen fishing, especially in the evenings.

The place he said was livelier now, and there were a lot more fish to catch, as thousands of fish fry have been released into the water since 2011.

“My advice to the people is to keep the place clean, and not vandalise the facilities provided.

“All the activities are for the people so that they will have somewhere to go to, especially in the evening,” he added.

Abdul Razak said the lighting at the Kinta riverbank, control board and other facilities that were vandalised last month would be repaired soon.

He said it would cost about RM50,000 to carry out repairs.

It was reported on Nov 25 that the colourful lighting at the riverbank that had been earmarked to be a happening area in the city had been stolen.

The lighting were installed in August to beautify the place and were set up so that they shone right to the water and changed colours after a few minutes.

He said even the electrical facilities and the information board at the DID information centre were vandalised. A rubbish bin was also found broken.

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