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MB Inc: This is my land

29 May 2015

FARMERS who are being evicted from farmland in Siputeh, near Tronoh have made millions of ringgit from their activities.

iphtermite210515... Furniture maker Chung Teak Chung opening the door to his dilapidated house in Bukit Merah New Village, in Menglembu, Ipoh.

Furniture maker needs help to repair ancestral home destroyed by termites

29 May 2015

HALF of his semi-wooden house in Bukit Merah New Village, Menglembu, has already been destroyed by termites.

Irate residents unhappy over demolition

29 May 2015

Segambut Estate houses sitting on private land

Feeding the homeless alone will not help reduce the amount of homeless in the streets. Mastura believes that they should be given an opportunity to work and earn to get themselves off the streets. With minimal pay, many have part-time jobs but don’t earn enough to find a home.

From nasi lemak to jobs

29 May 2015

A youth-led social enterprise in Kuala Lumpur feeds the homeless, helps them earn a living and offers them friendship.

English, anyone?: Clark and Geilman holding the placard promoting their free English class.

Missionaries giving free English lessons

29 May 2015

SIBU: Free English class, anyone?

Govt must realise that wages have increased in nations where unions are effective

29 May 2015

THE 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) was tabled in Parliament last week to help Malaysians prepare for developed nation status by 2020.

Safety first: Cyclists will be told of the importance of being safe while on the road.

Promoting safe cycling in Sibu

29 May 2015

SIBU: Some 350 cyclists are expected to take part in the “Share The Road” campaign organised by the Sibu Youth Council.

Right attitude: Students participating in an interactive activity during the conference.

Students given keys to brighter future

29 May 2015

KUCHING: Besides paper qualifications, intangible factors such as a positive attitude, self-confidence, resilience and the will to succeed are the keys to a successful career.

Support us: Matrang (centre) handing over Ops Pacak posters to a trader in Miri as Mayor Lawrence Lai looks on.

Compounds and fines not harsh enough to deter contraband business

29 May 2015

MIRI: Compounds and fines imposed on sellers of illicit cigarettes are no longer effective in deterring the trade of these smuggled items.

1 A rider with a disabled family member getting ready at the starting line with his specially modified bicycle and carriage.2 Riders starting out from the flag-off point at Taman Tasik Cyberjaya.3 A member of the Pinky Women Riders with a 24k gold-plated Fatbike.4 Safety marshalls preparing their bicycles before the start of the ride.

Riding in aid of special kids

29 May 2015

WHILE most were still in their beds on a beautiful Sunday morning, 600 cyclists were raring to do their part for charity at the Kayuhan Kasih Anak Istimewa 2015 in Taman Tasik Cyberjaya last weekend.

1 An artist’s impression of Picasso Residence from a distance.2 A rendering of the entrance into Picasso Residence.3 Water features and greenery will cover a large part of the overall development.4 Hooi says he thinks the development will appeal to those seeking larger living spaces in the city.

Adding a touch of artistry

29 May 2015

PROPERTY developers are increasingly emphasising the importance of aesthetics in their projects. Beautiful landscapes and state-of-the-art designs are becoming selling points for property developments.

(second from right) Lim Chern Jit with his winnings after coming out top in Malaysias first high heel race.

Dashing fifty metres in stilettos

29 May 2015

WALKING in heels can be a tough task, let alone running, but one 30-year-old man managed to pick up return tickets to London for two when he managed the feat.

1 The movers and shakers of Battleground (from left) Producer Maximillian Tan, contestant Snow Chow, Astro vice- president for Chinese customer business Choo Chi Han and contestant Jackson Yap.2 Snow Chow’s initial goal was just to show off her moves. Now she wants to use it as a path to a career in dance.3 4 & 5 Scenes from Battleground 2014.6 Yap, who is now a studio owner, has learned to wake up early.7 Standing room only at the Battleground finals last year.Photos and video: Grace Chen

Taking street moves seriously

29 May 2015

WHEN street dancers show respect, they really mean it, and this can be seen in how each of the five judges in a street dance reality TV contest is called “teacher” in various different languages.

Chargrilled Skewers comes with unlimited sweet potato fries, wedges, mango salsa and delectable 12 sauces.

Gastronomic love at first sight

29 May 2015

FIRST impressions count and this is not limited to physical beauty.

Nescafe Blend & Brew brand ambassador and singer Penny Tai (third from left) meeting her fans at her special appearance at AEON Sunway Pyramid .....Sam Tham/Star

Nescafé Blend & Brew quick and easy way for singer to have her morning cuppa

29 May 2015

FROM not being a fan of coffee, Malaysian artiste Penny Tai is singing a different tune these days.

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