Published: Monday December 23, 2013 MYT 12:15:00 PM
Updated: Monday December 23, 2013 MYT 1:22:35 PM

Stylish nails for the holidays

There are loads of fantastic video tutorials on the Internet on how to jazz up your nails this holiday season.

There are loads of fantastic video tutorials on the Internet on how to jazz up your nails this holiday season.

Here are some fun last-minute ideas for nail art designs this holiday season.

Easy Christmas Nails

> Start with a basecoat on all your nails.

> For the thumbnail begin with a red colour, and add a green triangular Christmas tree on top, a gold star, and gold dots for ornaments. The index finger features a white base, gold garlands, and green and red dots for decoration. For the middle finger start with a green base, then add Santa’s beige face, white beard and red hat.

> The ring finger gets metallic gold polish base and gold glitter on top. To cap it off, the little finger uses a red base and dots of white for falling snow. Seal in the designs with a topcoat.

Holiday Plaid

> Why not try this simple, yet stylish plaid look, which picks up on this season’s trend for plaid (for instance, Acne’s recent tartan capsule collection)? Start with a red basecoat then add lines of black, white, and gold paint in a series of stripes to create a classic plaid look.

Candy Canes

> Add a base coat to your nails, then apply silver polish over all the fingers (apart from the ring finger which gets a sparkly red coat, then a glitter finish on the tip).

> Add candy cane stripes in red over the rest of the silver nails, and finish with topcoat. — AFP Relaxnews

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