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Naturally clear skin

Brushed away: Ee cream which is part of the HerbaLine Ee Treatment is applied evenly on the identified skin imperfections using a specialised brush.

Brushed away: Ee cream which is part of the HerbaLine Ee Treatment is applied evenly on the identified skin imperfections using a specialised brush.

Here’s a different and all-natural solution for skin imperfections.

HAVING skin imperfections can leave a mark on you, both literally and figuratively. These skin imperfections include bumps, warts, skin-tags, clusters of skin grouped together on any part of the face or neck, and even moles.

According to skin specialist Irene Wong, there are other worrying skin issues which often go unnoticed, such as oil cysts, which are small lumps that develop under the skin. However, unlike acne, caused by oil accumulated in the pores, oil cysts contain a protein known as keratin that blocks the pores. These cysts can vary in size from tiny domes of skin to larger lumps.

Another skin imperfection called syringoma is a benign bump caused by overactive sweat or eccrine glands. Syringomas tend to develop around the upper cheeks and the lower eyelids area, and are commonly found in teenagers and women. They may be hereditary and those with diabetes are more prone to this condition.

“A lot of people attempt various home remedies. While these can sometimes be successful, the chances of recurrence are high,” she says, adding that if done improperly, such remedies may result in permanent scarring or even bleeding.

Conventional methods employed by physicians include laser, electro-cauterisation, surgical removal and cryosurgery.

HerbaLine has come up with the HerbaLine Ee Treatment, a 20-minute procedure to get rid of the above-mentioned skin imperfections once and for all.

“The treatment involves an effective, targeted therapy that effortlessly removes even the most visible skin blemishes,” says Wong. “This is the result of over 20 years of research and trials. It combines an all-natural herbal cream comprising cashew nut plant extract using a tested and proven procedure, designed to eliminate most forms of skin imperfections including warts, syringoma, oil cysts and skin tags.

“We use plant-based solutions, therefore, the treatment is safe and won’t pose any harm to your skin,” she adds.

Before I underwent the treatment, the beautician analysed my skin to identify the different types of imperfections. Fortunately, my skin is generally blemish-free, with only a few visible oil cysts and one tiny skin tag.

For starters, I was given a facial which involved applying a cooling cream, a face massage, followed by cleansing, to prepare and sterilise the skin.

After that, the “scratching” (the beginning of the Ee Treatment) began whereby the beautician scraped out the previously identified imperfections. This process caused a bit of pain but was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.

Then, the Ee cream was applied and this caused a slight stinging sensation. I was told that those who had more skin tags might experience more pain. Next was the cauterisation process and I was informed that lesions would appear in the affected areas. These would peel off naturally between one and three weeks, depending on the individual.

I came out of the spa feeling refreshed and extremely satisfied. After several days, I felt that my complexion had become clearer.

Established in the 1990s in Kuala Lumpur, HerbaLine currently has 13 branches and more than 35 franchise outlets across Malaysia and Brunei.

*Prices for a facial and Ee Treatment range from RM59 to RM149. For more details, visit

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