Published: Wednesday December 11, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday December 11, 2013 MYT 7:08:14 AM

My beauty wish this Christmas ...

A look at some beauty products which have made their presence felt this year.

WHAT a whirlwind year it has been for the beauty scene. New brands and stores have emerged in Malaysia, and there are so many new products using advanced technologies in the market that it’s hard not to notice the buzz even if you’re not beauty-savvy.

We thought we couldn’t let the Yuletide slip past without paying a nod to the festive season, so we asked six well-known personalities what their favourite product for 2013 was and their beauty wish this Christmas. Who knows? Maybe Santa might grant their wish if they’ve been good this year!

Bernie Chan (model/MC; pic)

Favourite product: I love SK-II and Shiseido Revital sheet masks, and use them a couple of times a week. I don’t wash the residue off and apply my skincare over it when I sleep.

I also recently discovered gel nail polish and can’t live without it now! I never used to like painting my nails because the colour would be chipped or smudged by the time I walk out of the salon. Now with the gel colour, it lasts much longer and I only have to change colour when the cuticles grow out.

Beauty wish: To be able to eat a copious amount, and still have a flat tummy and maintain my figure!

Haliza Misbun (actress/businesswoman)

Favourite product: I use Sari Stem Serum from local brand Sarimah Signature Series. I find that it really works for me. I love the texture and how my skin feels after using it.

Beauty wish: They say 60 is the new 40. I don’t really mind the lines as I believe in ageing gracefully. But I hope that while I can’t stop the ageing process, my skin will still be radiant and youthful. And my wish is for everyone to be happy this Christmas!

Thanuja Ananthan (model, TV host and animal activist)

Favourite product: I love Moroccan Oil! It has a range of hair conditioning products which I was introduced to by a good friend during a recent trip to South Africa.

Beauty wish: To be able to buy more of this product as it’s not easily available here!

Violinist Joanne Yeoh.

Joanne Yeoh (violinist)

Favourite product: I love Clinique Derma White SPF40 and what it does to my skin.

Beauty wish: For my heart to reflect the true meaning of Christmas, and it would also be great to have a flawless complexion!

Deborah Henry (model, TV host, actress, humanitarian)

Favourite product: I love Tom Ford lipsticks and there are two particular colours which I use pretty often. I like the texture and how it glides on.

Beauty wish: For youthful skin that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Sheahnee Iman Lee (newscaster, TV host and MC)

Favourite product: Having to wear make-up for TV and events in the last decade has taken its toll on my skin, and it has become dull, flaky and blackhead prone. I love the Clarisonic as it removes impurities better than cleansers and scrubs, and serums and creams are also better absorbed after cleansing. I’ve seen a significant improvement in my skin texture and clarity.

Beauty wish: To be able to go out in confidence without make-up! I’m so used to having make-up on for work and people can be unkind when they know you work in the limelight. But first, I need to improve my skin condition!

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