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Posing in ‘haunted house’, witchcraft, headbutts: Eight craziest moments from ANTM

Our columnist takes note of the madness that is America’s Next Top Model.

BOY meets girl, boy battles with girl (on the runway). Who will emerge the victor in this battle of the sexes? As cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) sashays towards its inevitable finale, let’s analyse this season thus far.

Because nobody goes into overkill obsess mode more than we do. And when I say we, I kind of mean me. But “we” sounds slightly less pathetic, so let’s just stick with that, okay?

After the runaway success last season, ANTM is back with the boys. Subtitled as ANTM: Guys & Girls (9.40pm, Wednesday, Astro Star World), it is the second season to feature both male and female contestants. This time around, the judging panel looks different. Though Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone retain their positions, male supermodel Rob Evan (who’s sorely missed) and blogger Bryanboy are gone.

Runway diva extraordinaire J. Alexander (better known as Miss J) is also back, to terrorise/mentor the model-wannabes. Creative director Johnny Wujek has been succeeded by photographer Yu Tsai, whose sarcasm makes him an excellent fit.

Social media is a factor in eliminations, with public voting taking place on the show’s official page. The international destination this time is Seoul, Korea; a testament of K-pop’s growing influence on global pop culture. As the show’s creator and head judge, Ty Ty ensures that things stay cray cray.

Here are eight such moments from ANTM this season, ranked from least crazy to loony bin lunacy:

8) Comeback queen

One of this season’s most intriguing contestants is Chantelle. The 19-year-old has vitiligo, a condition causing patchy depigmentation of the skin. Eliminated at an early stage, she is brought back thanks to public voting. But her cocky attitude rubs people the wrong way.

7) Witch gets into a b****fight

There’s also Romeo, who practises witchcraft and places curses on his fellow competitors. He loses his cool and headbutts Adam, invoking ANTM’s zero-tolerance policy on violence. He is immediately disqualified, proving that no amount of sorcery can save his modelling career.

6) Paging Alcoholics Anonymous

Speaking of Adam, our fratboy loves alcohol ... perhaps a little too much. He claims it helps him relax on set, but his drinking is definitely affecting his work. Tyra smells booze on his breath during judging and issues him a stern warning.

5) Makeover madness

In what is possiby the worst makeover in ANTM history, Denzel is given a beard weave. Which looks like one of those fake beards someone in kindergarten would wear to portray Abraham Lincoln in a preschool play. Shei looks like the Asian version of Cruella De Vil, no thanks to jet black hair and eyebrows on one side, platinum blond hair on the other.

4) ‘Don’t call me panda’

Never mind that it’s such a cute animal. Chantelle is offended when Yu Tsai continually refers to her as his favourite panda. After a heated confrontation with Yu Tsai, Chantelle loses her focus and is eliminated – this time for good – in last week’s episode. Remaining contestants are Keith, Lennox, Adam, Shei and Will. Of the handful, former footballer Keith whom Tyra refers to as “Manaconda” for his (ahem) asset and wide-eyed waif Lennox have the most potential of winning the title.

3) Baring it all

For an early challenge, the models wear nothing but colourful chemicals (shaped like string bikinis) on the runway. It is silly, yet strangely sexy.

2) Mirjana, make up your mind already

First, she cuddles with dashing Matthew until he finds out that she has a boyfriend back home. Then Mirjana gets intimate with Denzel. They hook up, break up, then reconcile ... before both get eliminated.

1) Paranormal activity

In the show’s craziest sequence, the models are forced into a haunted house in an amusement park. Ghouls and monsters jump out at them, and at the end of it all, they have to put up a fierce pose for the waiting photographer. This challenge – which resulted in a few LOL moments – is meant to illustrate the scary world of modelling. But excuse me, in which universe is such an assignment relevant? Unless one wants to give the model a heart attack.

William hopes that ANTM’s next international destination is Kuala Lumpur. If only to see the models attempt a pose in our traffic jams and flash floods. Send your feedback to

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