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Doing charity work is beneficial to yourself

20 July 2014

Research has shown that being kind to others is good for you.

Appetite for self-destruction

6 July 2014

Morality turns grey when the guilty party is seen to be 'one of us' whether in football or politics.

Let's be more positive

22 June 2014

The World Cup can teach us Malaysians (and our politicians) why it's better to avoid negative and destructive playing styles, says Contradictheory columnist.

Science matters

8 June 2014

Science and facts aren't enough to wash away long-held beliefs.

Vocal minorities

25 May 2014

Some people may use words in clever, compelling ways - but they are often blind to the truth.

Truths built on untruths

11 May 2014

Malaysia is being stretched and strained as different sides are adamant that they cannot be wrong.

Social brains: The ability to read and change minds

27 April 2014

Politicians can and should say all kinds of stuff on social network. Because we want and need to know if what's on their mind is also what we're thinking.

Let's talk about sex and youths

13 April 2014

If youths are exposed to the real consequences of their sexuality, it may help them make better decisions. However, parents may not be talking to their children enough about this sensitive subject.

Transparency can hide the truth

30 March 2014

There are those who remain unconvinced by all the reports on lost flight MH370. More information doesn’t always mean a better understanding. There are always going to be doubters.

Is it time to rethink tertiary education?

16 March 2014

What universities teach may not be what the real-life workplace needs.


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