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Dissapointed Singapore players question the match official after Malaysia were awarded an injury time penalty kick. Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup tie 3-1.

When passions run high, it's easy to get caught in a herd mentality

7 December 2014

Sane and reasonable people can do crazy things when they're part of a riled-up crowd. Just ask anybody at the UMNO Annual General Assembly.

A Nepalese transgender putting on makeup before a beauty pageant in Kathmandu. When even learned men cannot see eye to eye on complex issues like cross-dressing, as demonstrated by the controversy over the recent ruling on cross-dressing, people need to acknowledge that the case is complicated, and that there is no easy answer. – File pic

The molehill of stupidity

23 November 2014

You know him. The one that sticks to his point of view even in the face of contradictory facts. The one who stands alone on his molehill of stupidity, cutting through arguments with the razor-sharp logic of a blunt hatchet.

The proof of a Penang dish is in the eating, not in who cooked it

9 November 2014

If you’re the wrong nationality in Penang, you can’t cook Penang food. But what do we even mean by “authentic”?

Prejudicial dog-ma

26 October 2014

I think dogs are unfriendly, which dogs then sense, so they're wary of me, which I take as confirmation of my bias.

At the recent General Debate of the 69th United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak laid down Malaysia's stance against the perceived rise of Islamic fundamentalism, as manifested by the Islamic State. - Bernama

Moderate Malaysians?

12 October 2014

The Prime Minister wants Malaysia to lead the moderate movement. But whose idea of moderate is up for debate.

Justifying UPSR leaks?

28 September 2014

Are there any acceptable reasons to cheat in exams?

Freedom of information

14 September 2014

The Internet has made it possible to share cheap hotel bookings, Uber taxis and... political news.

Choose caring over cheating

31 August 2014

When children see that cheaters prosper, what hope is there for the future?

C is for cold – and con?

17 August 2014

Contradictheory asks: If something is not scientifically proven to be effective, should you take it anyway if it makes you feel better?

A convenient lie believed is more powerful than the truth

3 August 2014

Is it really difficult to be an honest leader?


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