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Let's talk about sex and youths

13 April 2014

If youths are exposed to the real consequences of their sexuality, it may help them make better decisions. However, parents may not be talking to their children enough about this sensitive subject.

Transparency can hide the truth

30 March 2014

There are those who remain unconvinced by all the reports on lost flight MH370. More information doesn’t always mean a better understanding. There are always going to be doubters.

Is it time to rethink tertiary education?

16 March 2014

What universities teach may not be what the real-life workplace needs.

Skating on ethical grounds

2 March 2014

It’s not easy to proceed in business if you think the landscape around you is corrupt.

Pedestrian problems

16 February 2014

Can we live in a country where we can walk to places, rather than driving and increasing the traffic and pollution?

Monitor wizards

2 February 2014

Camera surveillance can help us identify criminals on the streets, monitor maids caring for babies, and even check on what teachers are saying in classrooms. But how much are we willing to use technology to do all this?

Censor sensibility

19 January 2014

Why are films worthy of Oscars not good enough for Malaysians?

The bottom line

5 January 2014

During the holiday swing, it’s clearly inefficient for everybody to take leave at the same time.


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