Published: Wednesday April 9, 2014 MYT 3:05:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday April 9, 2014 MYT 5:14:10 PM

WWE star The Ultimate Warrior dies

The wrestler began his career in the ring in 1987.

Professional wrestler and WWE star James Hellwig, who went by the name The Ultimate Warrior, has died. He was 54.

Hellwig, who legally changed his name to “Warrior” in 1993, started his career with the wrestling organisation in 1987 when he was 28 years old. He is regarded as one of the biggest stars of WWE and was even inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame (Class of 2014) on April 5. Watch his touching speech during the event here.

In 1990, Hellwig became WWE Champion after defeating Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania VI. He was known for his energetic ways of fighting in the ring, as well as his one-of-a-kind interview styles.

WWE chairman Vince McMahon, his daughter Stephanie McMahon (who is WWE’s chief brand officer) and other fellow wrestling champs took to social media to express their grief.

Meanwhile, on the WWE website, a statement was posted: “WWE is shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of the most iconic WWE Superstars ever, The Ultimate Warrior. WWE sends its sincere condolences to Warrior’s family, friends and fans.”

On Monday night, Hellwig had made a comeback of sorts to WWE, appearing for the first time since 1996 on Monday Night Raw. During his appearance, the wrestler had on a mask similar to his trademark face paint, as well as a long jacket that had his face painted on the back.

He is survived by his wife Dana and his two daughters.

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