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Elton John’s star-studded wedding ceremony

22 December 2014

The top celebrity and his partner of 21 years, David Furnish, are finally married.

Remembering Tsunami 2004: A village washed away

22 December 2014

The Thai village of Baan Nam Khem lost more than lives and houses – a community was broken, too.

Datuk V. Radhakrishnan, managing director of Universal Fitness & Leisure, with his latest kickboxing gear imported from Thailand. He is ever ready to tackle lifes many challenges.

Datuk V. Radhakrishnan: A fitting tale of success

21 December 2014

He left home at 17 to be a tour guide. Today, Datuk V. Radhakrishnan is the managing director of a multi-million ringgit set-up.

1. Alfred Russell Wallace survived 12 years in the tropics – including Borneo – collecting biological specimens to substantiate his theory of evolution. (Portrait, from English Heritage/Down House, of Wallace as a young man in the Malay Archipelago with two bird-of-paradise specimens.) 2. To Avi Sirlin, Wallace’s ‘biography, his narrative, were just screaming for fictional treatment’. – Aurora Metro Books

The forgotten co-father of evolution, Alfred Russell Wallace

21 December 2014

You might not have heard of Alfred Russell Wallace. And that’s a pity because he helped develop one of life’s most important scientific theories.

Elton John is finally getting married

19 December 2014

The singer-songwriter will wed his partner David Furnish this weekend in Britain.

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Visually-handicapped teacher urges his students to always be positive.


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