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Robert Downey Jr is highest-earning actor again, says Forbes

22 July 2014

The 'Iron Man' star didn’t even have to work hard — he only starred in one film last year.

James Garner changed what good guys could be like on screen

22 July 2014

Before Garner, heroes were no fun at all. After Garner, they could be funny, irritating, lazy, fearful and complicated. Without him, there would be no Indiana Jones, no Starsky and Hutch, no Gregory House.

Victor/Victoria, a musical comedy that explores sexual identities, stars (from left) James Garner, Julie Andrews and Robert Preston.

James Garner: Longevity as a leading man

22 July 2014

Shifting easily between comedy and drama, imbued with a sardonic charm, James Garner was part of a line of Hollywood leading men, extending back to Cary Grant, who meld good looks, charisma and self-deprecating wit.

Happy first birthday, Prince George of Cambridge!

21 July 2014

The world’s most famous toddler turns one on July 22.

Accidental policies: Putting the spotlight on a serious issue

20 July 2014

An insensitive minister's statement has sparked unexpected action to tackle homelessness.

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Nazi's "ideal baby" was actually Jewish

Hessy Taft was literally the poster child of Aryan beauty before World War II. Taft is also Jewish and tells her story. Elly Park reports.


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