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12.3 billion people by 2100: UN report

23 September 2014

Already the most populous era in human history, the 21st century will be literally crawling with people.

Steady does it: Daily activities such as walking and climbing stairs can be daunting for those who are born without legs.

Born without legs, Richard Pollins faces his greatest challenge - fatherhood

23 September 2014

Just when Richard Pollins thought he had achieved every physical challenge he had set his mind to, next came a bigger challenge, his son.

Roy Choi on 'food deserts' and getting kids to eat their vegetables

22 September 2014

The pioneering LA chef is trying to improve food in the inner cities.

Tattoo celebrity Matt Gone showing off the designs on his body at the recent international tattoo encounter in Peru. - AFP

Ink-credible: Tattoo enthusiasts gather for a three-day convention

22 September 2014

Tattoo enthusiasts attend a convention that encourages proper safeguards and professional practices in the industry.

Does it pay to be polite?

22 September 2014

Many of us put up with less than pleasant characters out of sheer politeness.

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A butterfly lands on a flautist's face mid-performance


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