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Family shocked at text from dead grandmother

17 October 2014

A text message seemingly from beyond the grave surprised and startled family.

Inspiring grace: Dr Juliet Dharmalingam's (right) courage in battling cancer has motivated Dr Saunthari Somasundram in caring for her patients. - ART CHEN/The Star

She's a survivor: Datin Dr Juliet Dharmalingam – 5, cancer – 0

17 October 2014

Datin Dr Juliet Dharmalingam's late husband, and now her daughter, runs the National Cancer Society, but it's Juliet herself who knows what it’s like to live with cancer.

Michelle Obama rocks out with turnip to promote good eating

17 October 2014

First Lady not shy to bust a move for her anti-obesity campaign.

Liberian student nurse Fatu Kekula saved her father's life in this makeshift isolation ward in a spare unfinished room at home, using nothing more than raincoats and boots, plastic bags, gloves and masks. ?- MCT

Liberian girl and student nurse Fatu Kekula takes on Ebola – and wins

17 October 2014

Armed with plastic bags and desperation, a young woman nursed her family back to health.

Jeremy Renner juggles big-budget movies and small scaled films sensibility

16 October 2014

'Kill The Messenger' has unconventional sensibilities when it comes to making films.

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'I love how much Malaysians love Liverpool', Robbie Fowler tells The Star Online

Anfield legend Robbie Fowler opens Liverpool's first merchandise store in Malaysia.


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