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Datuk V. Radhakrishnan, managing director of Universal Fitness & Leisure, with his latest kickboxing gear imported from Thailand. He is ever ready to tackle lifes many challenges.

Datuk V. Radhakrishnan: A fitting tale of success

21 December 2014

He left home at 17 to be a tour guide. Today, Datuk V. Radhakrishnan is the managing director of a multi-million ringgit set-up.

1. Alfred Russell Wallace survived 12 years in the tropics – including Borneo – collecting biological specimens to substantiate his theory of evolution. (Portrait, from English Heritage/Down House, of Wallace as a young man in the Malay Archipelago with two bird-of-paradise specimens.) 2. To Avi Sirlin, Wallace’s ‘biography, his narrative, were just screaming for fictional treatment’. – Aurora Metro Books

The forgotten co-father of evolution, Alfred Russell Wallace

21 December 2014

You might not have heard of Alfred Russell Wallace. And that’s a pity because he helped develop one of life’s most important scientific theories.

Business as usual for blogger Jules Yap

19 December 2014

With the threat of a lawsuit from Ikea resolved, it’s now business as usual for the Ikea Hackers blogger.

Words of advice: : Dr Andrew Mohanraj counselling a victim of the tsunami in Banda Aceh in 2005. — Photos: Dr Andrew Mohanraj

Remembering Tsunami 2004: Diary of a disaster psychiatrist

18 December 2014

The story of Aceh’s resilient people who overcame the odds in their journey to recovery.

Tiny Hamster is 2014 Google food star

18 December 2014

Jamie Oliver and goji berries also most popular food searches.

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Visually-handicapped teacher urges his students to always be positive.


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