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Royal surprise: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II sends her first tweet

24 October 2014

She signs it off as ‘Elizabeth R’. Sassy.

Quite a spread: All this food laid out on the grass in Cleveland's Public Square was saved from dumpsters by Rob Greenfield (left) an environmental activist bicycling across the United States,, eating only food he finds in dumpsters.

Activist dives in rubbish dumps to highlight food waste

24 October 2014

Environmental activist cycles across the US eating only food he finds in dumpsters.

Guilty: South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius at his trial hearing in Pretoria, South Africa. — EPA

Blighted futures: Actions that ruin careers

24 October 2014

Forgive me for not sympathising with the killer, Oscar Pistorius, and British rapist, Ched Evans, whose careers might be compromised by their actions


Steven Leung’s first Malaysian project

24 October 2014

Asian star interior designer Steve Leung, who is embarking on his first project in Malaysia, shares his zest-for-life-based design philosophy.

Ho, ho, oh no: Woman gets stuck in chimney trying to sneak into man's home

24 October 2014

A woman tried to break into the house of a man she met online but got stuck in his chimney. Firefighters rescued her by using a household kitchen trick.

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