Published: Monday March 4, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Friday May 24, 2013 MYT 4:33:03 PM

Dana-Farber app offers menus to fight cancer

Ask The Nutritionist: Recipes for Fighting Cancer

Ask The Nutritionist: Recipes for Fighting Cancer

Fighting cancer with the right diet just got a little easier with a new app from Boston-based Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

The free iPhone app features more than 100 recipes for an anti-cancer diet and includes a list of ingredients, directions on preparing the dish, shopping lists, nutrition tips and nutritional analysis information.

Robbin Ray, a spokeswoman for Dana-Farber, told Relaxnews this week that the app, released in December, is updated every month with recipes from world-renowned chefs, including most recently Frank McClelland of Boston's four-star restaurant L'Espalier. McClelland tailored recipes from his book "Wine Mondays" with Dana-Farber nutritionists.

"Ask The Nutritionist: Recipes for Fighting Cancer" features a range of recipes, including desserts, and each recipe follows the institute's optimal diet for cancer patients and survivors. That is, expect a focus on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, omega-3 rich foods, and lean protein sources.

"Eating a well-balanced diet is one of the best ways to lower the risk of cancer," says Stacy Kennedy, a nutritionist at Dana-Farber. "Our hope is that this app will not only be a useful tool for cancer patients and their families but will also make choosing the healthiest foods easier and more fun for everyone."

As researchers battle to find a cure for cancer, many experts believe that your diet could be your best ammunition, writes WebMD. "The easiest, least-expensive way to reduce your risk for cancer is just by eating a healthy diet," Dr. Rachael Stolzenberg-Solomon, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute, told the website.

Some cancer-fighting foods include cruciferous vegetables (kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, for example), green tea and ginger.

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