Published: Saturday June 28, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
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Is it chocolate? Is it chicken? It's both!

An innovative restaurant in Los Angeles is giving patrons a whole new way of enjoying fried chicken ... and chocolate.

Creating a new dish by combining two – or more – of your favourite foods can go either way. Sometimes the results are great (ice cream cake, Oreo milkshake ... yay!); sometimes it’s the world’s worst idea (doughnut burgers, chocolate eclair-wrapped hot dog ... errrr??).

A restaurant in Los Angeles, which started operating less than a month ago, serves an interesting dish that combines two of the most popular food items around the world – fried chicken and chocolate.

The restaurant is called ChocoChicken, so it’s pretty obvious what their specialty is. In fact, the term “ChocoChicken” has been trademarked, so if you’re creating your own chocolate-fried chicken mash-up dish, you might want to call it something else.

On its Facebook page, the restaurant describes its dish as such: “ChocoChicken infuses fried chicken batter with a blend of secret spices and flavours to create an explosion of sweet, spicy and savory in each bite...” According to, the chicken is marinated in a secret recipe (naturally) for 36 hours, then dipped into a spice blend that contains bittersweet chocolate powder and other wonderful secret ingredients.

Molten Meatballs are chicken meatballs filled with chocolate. – Photo from: ChocoChicken Facebook 

ChocoChicken the dish was developed by self-taught cook and "culinary personality" Keith Previte, while the ChocoChicken Group which runs the restaurant was formed by Previte, Sean Robins (who originally thought of the chocolate and fried chicken combination), Lee Weinberg and Adam Fleischman aka the guy who created the umami burger.

The restaurant also offers other interesting-sounding dishes like monkey-bread biscuits, white chocolate-infused mashed potatoes (WHAT?) and molten meatballs, which are chocolate-filled chicken meatballs (WHAT???).

You can also dip your chicken or duck fat-fried French fries in the ChocoKetchup, which is apparently “heavenly”, if the restaurant’s Facebook many reviews are to be believed.

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