Published: Tuesday April 29, 2014 MYT 11:28:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday April 29, 2014 MYT 11:47:35 AM

Nutty inventions: Goodbye cronut, hello wonut!

Oh em gee: The wonut craze has begun! (Pic -- Waffles Cafe Facebook Page)

Oh em gee: The wonut craze has begun! (Pic -- Waffles Cafe Facebook Page)

A restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, has come up with an ingenius dessert combo.

The “wonut” – the latest dessert invention that’s getting a lot of hype in the virtual world – is a curious little thing. It’s a combination of waffles and doughnut (or “donut” as the Americans prefer it), and was first made in the kitchen of the Waffles Cafe in Chicago, Illinois in the United States.

The restaurant is owned by Alex Hernandez, 43, who has mentioned in recent interviews that the wonuts are crunchy, “cakey” and sweet. Some of the flavours include green tea, red velvet, lemon poppy, Mexican chocolate and more.

According to Hernandez, making the wonuts requires some patience – it takes about two hours to make a batch of wonuts and they are usually sold out before noon.

The process begins with making regular waffles on the grill. The waffles are then deep fried (like doughnuts) and dipped in different types of glaze including sugar, chocolate and marshmallow.

Of course, customers can also choose a plain wonut, if the glaze toppings aren’t to their liking. To finish off the product, just add more toppings: Birthday sprinkles, granola, chocolate shavings...

Are your arteries screaming yet?

The wonuts – back in February, the restaurant was trying to figure out whether to call the creations “wonut” or “doffle” – are pretty much the size of a regular doughnut and sells for about RM8 a pop.

Will we be seeing the wonut in Malaysia anytime soon? 

Lovely-looking creations from Waffles Cafe. 

Mexican chocolate and lemon glazed wonuts. – Pics from Waffles Cafe Facebook Page

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