Published: Monday April 28, 2014 MYT 8:20:00 AM
Updated: Monday April 28, 2014 MYT 8:58:53 AM

Snap away: Food pornographers get perfect shots at restaurant's 'photo studio'

The #dinnercam is a portable lighting studio that allows diners to take the perfect food shot. – YouTube/MWEB

The #dinnercam is a portable lighting studio that allows diners to take the perfect food shot. – YouTube/MWEB

While some chefs ban patrons from taking pictures of their food, a South African eatery has set up a portable lighting studio for its shutter-happy diners.

While some restaurants have banned ‘food pornographers’ from taking photos of their dishes, a South African restaurant has swung the other way, providing diners with a small, portable lighting studio so they can take the optimal shot.

After placing their plates in the device dubbed the #dinnercam, diners at Mexican restaurant El Burro in Cape Town, South Africa can choose from a variety of ambient lighting choices with the push of a few buttons, before taking an Instagram photo with their smartphone.

The project is a joint collaboration with Internet service provider MWEB and was “designed to take social media food shots to the next level”.

While El Burro encourages the online sharing of food photos, the habit has become an annoyance for some chefs at top restaurants.

In northern France, Michelin-starred chef Alexandre Gauthier of La Grenouillere banned the widespread practice, complaining that shutter-happy diners are more interested in boasting about their meal online than eating it.

Other chefs likewise frown upon the habit, saying the photos invite culinary plagiarism or disrupt the dining experience for others. – AFP Relaxnews

Watch how the #dinnercam works.

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