Published: Thursday March 20, 2014 MYT 1:50:00 PM
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Keep calm and carry on: Portable furniture for nomads

VouwPlaats functions both as a bed or a seat and can be carried like a rucksack. – Studio Makkink & Bey/AFP

VouwPlaats functions both as a bed or a seat and can be carried like a rucksack. – Studio Makkink & Bey/AFP

Always have somewhere to sit and sleep with VouwPlaats.

As our lifestyles become increasingly nomadic, furniture design has had to adapt itself. Dutch design studio Makkink & Bey is the latest brand to address the issue, creating a furniture collection that can literally be carried on your back.

The studio designed a range of conceptual pieces for the Living Spaces exhibition currently on show at the Textiel Museum in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The museum commissioned the studio to develop “a vision of the interior of the future”.

Unfold the VouwPlaats for a snooze. – Studio Makkink & Bey/AFP

The centrepiece of the collection is VouwPlaats, a knitted mattress which comes with a light wooden frame which functions both as a bed or a seat. The piece can also be rolled up and transported like a rucksack.

A handmade wooden table which can be turned upside down and used as a carry cot and a flexible room divider which resembles an umbrella when folded up can also be found in the range. A table cloth and rug draws upon cultural traditions while retaining a modern aesthetic.

The range will potentially be made into a commercial collection by Makkink & Bey after the show. Prices are not yet known.

Multi-purpose interiors are becoming increasingly sought-after as the urban population becomes both more mobile and increasingly pressed for space. This April, Ikea will launch its largest ‘PS’ range yet, a collection of adaptable interiors for young urbanites on the move.

Living Spaces will run until May 11. – AFP Relaxnews

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