Published: Saturday December 7, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
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Your cat: Inside or outside?

THE debate about “inside” and “outside” cats is a hot one, so if you’re not sure what the best thing is for your kitty, here are some of the salient points from both sides.


> It’s natural. Cats evolved to live outside, in complex societies with 10 or more family members. To keep a cat isolated is unnatural and cruel.

> Cats need space. Try and imagine spending your life living in a bathroom. It’s safe and so incredibly dull that it’s cruel. Cats need space, and they need to have some fun exploring.

> It’s fun. Cats love lying in the sun, chasing butterflies and playing.

Being outside and having a life of their own gives them true quality of life.


> It’s dangerous – especially if you live in a high-traffic area or in a place with lots of dangerous dogs or nasty people.

> It’s dirty. Actually, cats are very clean animals, but if you have a long-furred cat, there will be extra maintenance.

> Fights. There is a higher chance of your pet getting into trouble with another cat, just like kids in a playground will get into a punch-up.

Your cat may end up with the kitty equivalent of a black eye and a scraped knee.

A compromise

> Live in a quiet street. A dead-end road is ideal. And preferably with neighbours who don’t drive like lunatics.

> Immunise properly. Keep jabs up-to-date so your kitty stays safe from disease, and check your pet every day for lumps, bruises and scratches – just as you would a child.

> Limit playtime. If you establish a routine whereby your pet stays in from 9pm to 6am, you can supervise more closely and there are no midnight surprises.

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