Published: Sunday February 17, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Saturday April 20, 2013 MYT 5:31:49 PM

We, the rakyat

STORIES that spread harmony, peace and happiness among the rakyat truly excite me. That is why I was very happy to read about the Muslim lady who cared for an injured dog (Lesson to learn from, Your Say, Feb 10).

The letter reminded me of a report from a Johor some months ago: It seems that during Ramadan, several Malay teachers brought home-cooked food for non-Muslims participating in a lecture. How thoughtful of them!

Such is the spirit in Malaysia that delights me.

We must live as Malaysians, though we come from many ethnic groups. It is diversity that is our strength.

We need to communicate effectively and strive to understand each other better. Know and learn how our forefathers discussed such matters. They did so fairly before us. We too can do so.

Petty quarrels among us will take us nowhere. We are Malaysians talking to Malaysians, after all. There is no “us” and “them”, there is only “we, the rakyat”.

Bulbir Singh Seremban

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