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Has dark matter been detected finally?

21 October 2014

The first direct detection of dark matter, thought to make up most of the matter in the universe, would be a historic breakthrough.

John Romita Jr's cover for Superman #32 ... these days, the sequence could well be reversed, with Superman changing into a Clark Kent who's rushing off to do battle on the media's front lines.

Meet the not-so-mild-mannered Clark Kent

21 October 2014

Superman’s alter ego fights a never-ending battle of his own – for the future of journalism in Metropolis!

Water source? A file photo of Mercury taken by Nasa's Messenger spacecraft, which recently spotted ice at the planet's poles. Despite Mercury's proximity to the Sun, the ice is inside craters that are permanently shielded from its rays and are thus extremely cold.

Polar ice spotted on Mercury

21 October 2014

Nasa spacecraft findings show ice deposits that look surprisingly ‘fresh’.

Pumpkin patch: Pick your own pumpkin and enjoy a fun day on a farm in Virginia during the Fall Festival.

In hot pursuit of the perfect pumpkin

20 October 2014

Fall’s favourite fruit plays a starring role in two upcoming festivals – Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Bayern Munich's midfielder Xabi Alonso (L) and wife Nagore Aramburu (R) with their two children visited the Oktoberfest beer festival on the Theresienwiese in Munich on October 5, 2014.

Oktoberfest in Munich celebrates much more than just beer

19 October 2014

There’s lots of folksy fun for everyone including toddlers and pensioners at the world’s largest public festival.

Balqis Batriesya,7, suffering from cancer (Neofibro Matosis), her wish is to be pricenss for a day, her coming to Istana Selangor to fulfill a drea to be a princess, with her her mother, Siti Suhaila Osman,33, and her father, Shahrul Junaidi,38, her from Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaysia.

Make-A-Wish come true for kids facing life-threatening illnesses

19 October 2014

Make-A-Wish Malaysia does more than grant the dreams of a sick child. It also gives them hope for the future.

Fly me to the moon: The Lynx Mark II spacecraft, a two-seat piloted space shuttle designed and manufactured by XCOR Space Expeditions, marks the beginning of space tourism! - ?Crystal Time

Got RM326,000? Book your ticket to space on the spaceship Lynx Mark II

18 October 2014

With Luminox’s Space Series watches and the Lynx Mark II spacecraft, space adventure awaits.

Comet Siding Spring: A close encounter with Mars

17 October 2014

Comet C/2013 A1 is about to come very, very close to the Red Planet – and NASA is ready for the fly-by.

Life and death revealed: Nobel Prize for Chemistry winners illuminate dark cells

17 October 2014

Viewing life at a molecular level.

3 must-dos during the WTA Finals Singapore

16 October 2014

If you haven’t yet heard, Singapore will be swarming with die-hard tennis fans from all over the world this month.

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iPhone 6 pulls out hair! #hairgate #beardgate

Fresh from the online uproar over that the shiny new iPhone 6 Plus bends when carried around in pockets, Apple has been hit by a new complaint – that the handset traps users’ hair or beards when they make calls.


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