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Apple cider vinegar and baking soda to clean your hair. Apparently, they really work.

No Shampoo Challenge Update: Our challenger is beginning to miss his shampoo!

4 March 2015

Star 2’s ‘No shampoo’ challenge takes on another level as Bervin experiments with vinegar and baking soda.

Established in 1981, the Altamont Pass wind farm in central California is about to get a Google-funded make-over. Photo: TNS

Google turns to renewable energy to power its data centres

4 March 2015

Google buys Altamont wind energy to run Googleplex.

Overwhelmed: Overwork is a growing phenomenon. Photo: AFPrelaxnews

Are you a work junkie? Like all addictions, overworking is bad for you

3 March 2015

Addicted to work? Perhaps it’s time to reassess your priorities.

The mystery of why we have eyelids, SOLVED!

3 March 2015

Why do humans and other mammals have eyelashes? Biologists have been batting rival theories around for years. And now there may be an answer.

Universiti Malaya aims for zero waste

2 March 2015

Universiti Malaya maximises recycling to minimise its waste.

Fishy hauls: The fish hall at a wholesale food market near Paris, France. Conservationists are unhappy that the European Commission has allowed almost 100 fishing vessels to research into pulse trawling, which uses electrical shocks to stun fish. Photo: EPA

Europe slaughters sea life in the name of 'science'

2 March 2015

Japan is criticised for using 'scientific research' as an excuse to hunt whales, but Europe is doing the same thing with electric pulse trawling.

There's a massive amount of plastic trash in the sea – mostly from China

2 March 2015

Our discards are turning oceans into a plastic soup.

Our bloom: Malaysia’s national flower, the hibiscus, has been given centre stage at this year’s show on tropical flowers at London’s Kew Gardens.

Bunga Raya featured in flower show in London's Kew Gardens

2 March 2015

The Alluring Orchids 2015 – A Tropical Extravaganza event at the Kew Gardens features dazzling blooms from this part of the world.

Yippee The WaterWorld at i-City in Shah Alam offers good, wholesome fun for the entire family. Photos: i-City and FAIHAN GHANI/The Star

Fun times ahead at i-City

28 February 2015

Visitors can find new and exiciting attractions at i-City’s Leisure Park.

More spell-binding Korean landscapes are found beyond Seoul in the Seoraksan mountain range.

Korea’s fabulous mountains

28 February 2015

Mountain culture and customs are hotwired into the lives of each Korean. What better way to get under their skin than to hike together with them.

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Saudi cleric rejects the fact that Earth revolves around the Sun, says everything else is moving around us

Saudi cleric Sheikh al-Khaibari is an Internet sensation thanks to his debunking of the myth that the Earth revolves around the Sun. In a video gone viral, he rejects the scientific fact that our planet is moving, and shares his evidence that the world is stationary by quoting other clerics who share his astronomical faith. He even uses a water cup to demonstrate his theory, saying that if a plane going from the UAE to China stops flying in mid-air and stays still, China would approach the aircraft if the Earth was turning in the opposite way. However, if the plane and the planet were travelling in the same direction, then you would never reach your destination. In an ironic coincidence, the Sheikh made his declaration on Feb 15, on the 451st birthday of Galileo Galilei. The Italian astronomer was twice accused of heresy by the Church for his belief that the world revolved around the sun. And in tomorrow’s news: The Earth is flat.


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