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A child under quarantine sits outside a care centre in Lokomasama. The biggest chiefdome in Port Loko province has been severely hit by Ebola.

Ebola and the lost children of Sierra Leone

25 November 2014

Shutting schools does not assure safety from Ebola. It damages chances for a nation’s recovery.

World’s baddest supercomputers to cost RM1.43bil

25 November 2014

Estimate to reach speeds of up to 150 petaflops, these supercomputers won't be playing Tetris.

Newly-discovered ‘stargazing’ shrimp has psychedelic eyes

25 November 2014

A tiny shrimp equipped with large, candy-striped eyes to ward off predators has been discovered in South African waters.

Can you trust a banker? Research study says 'Not really'

25 November 2014

A banking culture that puts financial gain above all else fuels greed and makes bankers more likely to cheat, according to a new study.

Always the newspaperman: C.A. Moore taking notes at the Bates County Veterans Tribute dedication ceremony earlier in the year. — TNS photos

Death of a true newspaperman

24 November 2014

‘Ink in his veins’ might be a cliché but it truly describes the editor of a small-town newspaper who finally left for the great newsroom in the sky.

Nature’s splendour: Maple trees in the grounds of  the Hakone Museum of Art dazzle visitors every autumn. (Below) Over 130 varieties of moss can be found at the moss garden.

Hakone Museum of Art: A treasure trove of masterpieces from man and nature

24 November 2014

A Sip of Matcha visits a unique museum in Japan that offers a visual feast.

Villagers heading to an open latrine on the outskirts of Mumbai, India. Over 70 of Indias population of 1.27 billion, lack access to basic sanitation. - epa

Can you imagine life without toilets?

24 November 2014

Of the world’s seven billion people, only 4.5 billion have access to toilets, the But Then Again columnist points out.

Species migration: The waters of the Pacific Ocean have been unusually warm this year. Fishermen and scientists are reporting occurrences of warm-water species in cold water, such as the sighting of the ocean sunfish in Alaska. — TNS

Bizarre sea-life visitors arrive with North Pacific’s historic warmth

24 November 2014

Ocean waters off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, Canada and Alaska appear this year to be warmer than they’ve ever been, prompting the arrival of some very unusual visitors.

Labels for green wood

24 November 2014

THE Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has set up office in Malaysia as part of efforts to promote responsible forest management.

Comet cliffhanger: Probe 'sniffs' out life molecules before shutdown

24 November 2014

The European Space Agency’s comet probe Philae detects organic molecules, basis of life on Earth, just before its battery runs out of juice.

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