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Next step for 3D printing: Implants for sports injuries and replicating organs for cancer patients

18 December 2014

It has happened! 3D-printing has moved from novelty technology to potentially be the answer to health and sports needs.

Tiny Hamster is 2014 Google food star

18 December 2014

Jamie Oliver and goji berries also most popular food searches.

Burberrys festive campaign stars Romeo Beckham.

Burberry gets Romeo Beckham to tug on British heartstrings this Christmas

18 December 2014

Burberry's holiday campaign is a sack full of London, Beckham, singer Ed Harcourt, contemporary dancers and a lot of British feel-good factor.

Aquilops is the oldest horned dinosaur found in North America, yet it is probably not the ancestor of the continent’s later ceratopsians. — Wikimedia Commons/Brian Engh

‘Eagle-face’ was America’s oldest horned dino

18 December 2014

Newly discovered dinosaur had bird-like face, was the size of a crow.

Sports mums, beagles, lonely penguins: 10 most memorable ads of 2014

17 December 2014

Moving, provocative and inspiring – we pick the 10 best ads of 2014 that make you watch from beginning to end.

The Capitol Christmas tree, a white spruce from the Chippewa National Forest in Cass Lake, Minnesota, is seen at dusk on the West Front of the US Capitol in Washington, DC.   — EPA

Light it up: Christmas trees around the world

17 December 2014

Travel around the world to see how the humble Christmas tree gets redesigned.

Traces in the rock: Beds of sandstone inclined to the south-west toward Mount Sharp and away from the Gale Crater rim on Mars. The beds are interpreted as the deposits of small deltas fed by rivers flowing down from the crater rim to the north and building out into a lake to the south, where Mount Sharp is now. Scientists say the mountain may have built up over time from lake sediments. — AFP photos

The waters of Mars

17 December 2014

Gale Crater once held a vast long-lived lake, Curiosity rover finds.

Birds of a genome: Everyone adores doves (especially John Woo); flamingos get nightclubs named after them; while the poor grebe gets very litte love – but all three sit on the same branch of the avian family tree. — Filepics; grebe photo: Wikimedia Commons/katsam

Odd couples emerge in bird family tree

17 December 2014

Unusual discoveries come to light from largest ever mapping of avian genomes.

Walter White-approved holiday gifts for 'Breaking Bad' fans

17 December 2014

No magnets, baby! but you’ll find other quirky stocking stuffers.

The art of buying the perfect present

16 December 2014

The value of the gift is worth only as much as the receiver’s needs.

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