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Tips on how to write horror fiction

26 October 2014

Three published — and bestselling! — Malaysian authors share their techniques on how to create a good scare on the page.

Success stories: Malaysian horror fiction, a growing genre

26 October 2014

There’s more to scary fiction than schlocky exploitation say local horror fic authors.

Team Edunation: (from left) designer Tasha Ong, artist and videographer Hazman Tumiran, founder Edmond Yap and head of public relations Jennifer Low.

Free online tuition for students in Malaysia

26 October 2014

Edunation provides free educational resources which range from test papers to exercise materials and tuition videos.

A reflection of my life

26 October 2014

Heart & Soul: Life has many unexpected twists and turns, things I thought would not be possible have most often turned out to be possible!

Apologising to those you love is just as important as the act of forgiveness

26 October 2014

Heart & Soul: Being able to work past your ego and apologising for your mistake is an attribute to be admired.

Dear Thelma: I am sitting for my STPM and I am stressing out!

26 October 2014

Learning to deal with exam stress.

Target sighted: In this exercise in the Obedience category, Lassie has to run after a 650g wooden dumb-bell after clearing a 1m high wall. After retrieving it, he has to jump over the wall again and bring the dumb-bell back to his handler. - Photos from Michael Lee

Team Malaysia bags fourth place at prestigious dog championship

26 October 2014

One man and his furry, four-legged pal does Malaysia proud at international dog competition.

Humble abode: The writer’s childhood house (left) held many warm memories.

Life moments from a childhood in the 60s

24 October 2014

A reader shares heart-warming stories from her childhood.

An Afghan female football player of Kabul team (C) vies for the ball with her Herat opponent (L) in the final match at the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium in Kabul on October 3, 2014.  The stands were almost empty at Afghanistan's first women's football league final, but those supporters who did turn up were determined to mark the occasion with noisy chants and cheers as Kabul came out 5-1 winners.   The women's four-team league was a ground-breaking tournament in Afghanistan, and was held in parallel with the Afghan Premier League (APL), a competitive and well-established men's event now in its third year.   AFP PHOTO / WAKIL KOHSAR

Afghan women have a football league of their own

24 October 2014

Kicking up lots of girl power. While the crowds are small, there are big hopes for Afghan women’s football league.

Guilty: South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius at his trial hearing in Pretoria, South Africa. — EPA

Blighted futures: Actions that ruin careers

24 October 2014

Forgive me for not sympathising with the killer, Oscar Pistorius, and British rapist, Ched Evans, whose careers might be compromised by their actions

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