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TO GO WITH AFP STORY Lifestyle-cycling-luxury-consumer,FEATURE BY LUIS TORRES DE LA LLOSAA picture taken on November 6, 2014 in Pantin, outside Paris, shows a Le Flaneur bicycle designed by Hermes. From Paris to Tokyo via Milan, designer and customised bikes costing thousands of dollars are the latest must-have luxury item coveted by urban elites in search of pedal chic.    AFP PHOTO/DOMINIQUE FAGET

Status symbols

23 November 2014

Urban elite go in search of ‘pedal chic’.

Some of the puzzles that kept Mensans entertained.

Malaysian Mensa is 30 years old

23 November 2014

It’s where bright minds come together to foster intelligence and have fun exercising their brains.

(From left) Malaysian Mensa founding chairman Tan Sri Yong Poh Kon, current chairman Jayaram Menon and former chairman Low Keng Lok at the society’s recent 30th anniversary celebration dinner.Some of the puzzles that kept Mensans entertained.Not your usual anniversary dinner scene Mensa members intent on their puzzles at the event.

Are you smart enough for Mensa?

23 November 2014

Think you’re a bright spark? Why not try out for the MENSA admission test?

And the Oxford Dictionary word of the year is...

20 November 2014

The Oxford English Dictionary names “vape” – the word used for inhaling the vapour from an electronic cigarette – as its 2014 word of the year.

From Thor to phwoar! Chris Hemsworth is ‘sexiest man alive’

20 November 2014

“Thor” star Chris Hemsworth is People magazine’s “sexiest man alive” of 2014 – let’s take a closer look.

Malaysia is far from being a biotech hub, but one of Biotech Corp’s goals is to get local R&D institutions working with the commercial sector, for example multinational biopharma companies. Picture shows a researcher at Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia in Pahang. — Biotechnology Corporation Malaysia

Ingredients for creating a biotech hub

20 November 2014

Malaysia has its own recipe for innovation when it comes to developing the biotechnology sector.

Collaborate to flourish: The arrival of major biotech players in Malaysia paves the way for greater collaboration between the corporate sector and local research institutions. This is already happening, for example between Biocon and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Pictured: a UTM researcher working on one such collaborative project.

Malaysia’s grand biotech plans

20 November 2014

Approaching biotech by building a holistic bioeconomy-based ecosystem.

Hitler's 'rejected' art goes to auction, expected to fetch RM210k

20 November 2014

In the art world, it's common knowledge that when an artist dies, his work goes up in value – but this watercolour painting is not by just any artist.

Meet Frida, the dog mayor of San Francisco

20 November 2014

You can't keep a good dog down, especially not if you're Frida the chihuahua, who had the privilege of being the first four-legged mayor of San Francisco – for a day, at least.

LEAD PIC: Restoration: Its position, commanding incredible views over water, persuaded new owners to take a chance on this 1958-built house that needed extensive renovation. There are eagles everywhere here, says owner Elizabeth Morse of the view. -- MCT photos

A 1950s house returns to its former glory

19 November 2014

Designed by a visionary ‘electrical genius guy’, a dated house finds its soul again.

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