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Yippee The WaterWorld at i-City in Shah Alam offers good, wholesome fun for the entire family. Photos: i-City and FAIHAN GHANI/The Star

Fun times ahead at i-City

28 February 2015

Visitors can find new and exiciting attractions at i-City’s Leisure Park.

What a hoot: Owl-themed pop-up cafe to open in London

27 February 2015

It’s part of a conservation programme.

Japan’s Shinya Yamanaka (left) and Britain’s John Gurdon won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2012 for their groundbreaking work on stem cells. — Filepic

Forging ahead in stem cell research

25 February 2015

Malaysia aims to keep up with the recent rapid global pace in the field.

Regretting that tattoo? A safe removal cream is in the works

23 February 2015

Liposome in the ointment ‘eats’ the ink.

Watching forests: With satellite imagery, conservationists are able to track changes in forest cover, such as this forest clearing in Johor. Photos: AZHAR MAHFOF/The Star

Radical transparency: Tracking deforestation through satellite imagery

23 February 2015

Advances in mapping technology helps us keep a closer eye on the world’s forests.

More than fish: There may be mercury in that plate of seared tuna. – Filepic

Mercury levels rising in Pacific yellowfin tuna

23 February 2015

Pollution from industries find its way into popular food fish.

Ongoing work into tree cover differentiation will help resolve the main criticism against remote sensing-based forest-monitoring tools: the lack of distinction between natural forests and plantations.

When is a forest not a forest? When it's a plantation

23 February 2015

How forests are defined can affect aerial monitoring of deforestation.

1 Looking resplendent in his costume – spotted backstage during the pet fashion show part of New York Fashion Week recently. 2 Tennie Paris Hilton, a Yorkie, looking cool in his hippy outfit. 3 Frost, a poodle, sporting a Mohawk hairstyle. 4 Looking sexy in pearl-framed sunglasses. Photos: AFP

Designer couture for pets at NY Fashion Week

22 February 2015

Pets dressed to the nines at NY Fashion Week.

Raring to go: Cyclists anxious to hit the road.

An exciting cycling-camping adventure in Batam, Indonesia

21 February 2015

Braving Batam on two wheels.

Pawscars honours top four-legged cinema performers

21 February 2015

Animals from the film ‘Wild’ are best ensemble.

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Saudi cleric rejects the fact that Earth revolves around the Sun, says everything else is moving around us

Saudi cleric Sheikh al-Khaibari is an Internet sensation thanks to his debunking of the myth that the Earth revolves around the Sun. In a video gone viral, he rejects the scientific fact that our planet is moving, and shares his evidence that the world is stationary by quoting other clerics who share his astronomical faith. He even uses a water cup to demonstrate his theory, saying that if a plane going from the UAE to China stops flying in mid-air and stays still, China would approach the aircraft if the Earth was turning in the opposite way. However, if the plane and the planet were travelling in the same direction, then you would never reach your destination. In an ironic coincidence, the Sheikh made his declaration on Feb 15, on the 451st birthday of Galileo Galilei. The Italian astronomer was twice accused of heresy by the Church for his belief that the world revolved around the sun. And in tomorrow’s news: The Earth is flat.


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