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A chamber pot (in black) made from a World War II German army helmet is among the curious displays 
at the museum.

The throne room: Museum of toilets

2 September 2014

Prague fortress exhibits historical items - just don't mistake that chamber pot for a soup tureen!

Helping hand: While traditionalists decry the move into laboratories, the wine co-operative Vinovalie is interested in using science to improve their sales to new drinkers in Asia, particularly China. - AFP photos

'Liberating' the fruitiness in wine

2 September 2014

French wine producers turn to laboratories for better flavour.

What is killing 4.7 million people in China?  

2 September 2014

China suffers the by-products of prosperity - high premature deaths from pollution and other lifestyle factors, researchers say.

Colours of distinction: When oil palm is right for picking

1 September 2014

Pinpointing the gene that accords bright shades to oil palm fruits as they ripen promises higher yields.

Genetically modified Aedes on a mission

1 September 2014

Biotech company wants to send mutant mosquitoes into the jungles of Brazil to stop a deadly disease. No, this is not an introduction to a sci-fi thriller.

David Liu (left) says his wife Echo Chien gradually inspired him to get more involved in charity work

Taiwanese businessman David Liu finds a new calling

31 August 2014

This Taiwanese businessman started as a philanthropist but is now a full-time volunteer.

Depression is not a sign of weakness

31 August 2014

Dear Thelma: A reader, who is being treated for depression, is feeling overwhelmed by almost every thing that is happening to his/her life.

Merdeka Day parade: A personal experience

31 August 2014

For many, the Merdeka Day parade is a personal experience, in more ways than expected.

Sanctuary for the sick: Woman takes in stray cats

31 August 2014

A big-hearted nurse takes in the cats that nobody wants.

5 most memorable Merdeka commercials

30 August 2014

We take a look at five of the funniest, cutest and most moving Merdeka commercials.

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