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Untested stimulant found in dietary supplements

31 October 2014

At least a dozen dietary supplements available in the US contain a potentially dangerous synthetic stimulant that has never been tested on humans, says a new study.

'Zombie-proof' your home this Halloween

31 October 2014

A special 'Zombie-proof' cabin is unveiled. Made in the UK and in time for Halloween (or a Zombie apocalypse).

Hope for the future: Liberian Konah Kupee got Ebola after her husband Jeremiah lied to her about going to the bedside of a dying uncle. Her 19-year-old daughter, Grace, was to die. When she was undergoing treatment, Kupee looked after a five-year-old girl named Esther. Now cured of Ebola, she’s started working in a new centre in Monrovia for children orphaned by Ebola. — MCT photos

Heartwrenching stories of Ebola

30 October 2014

Despite the tragedy, some survivors are trying their best to help others, especially children, affected by Ebola.

British guardsmen go sweet on their seven-foot chum

30 October 2014

Members of the First Regiment of Foot Guards all want a piece of this hunk.

Layerlayer: This theme is defined by the subtle use of colour clusters rather than using a single shade alone. Soft, pastel hues are combined with copper orange, and the use of fading, overlaying and opaque materials is also present.

Adding colour to cities and life

29 October 2014

Besides introducing next year’s colour, the Colour Futures event discussed making cities more ‘human’, vibrant and resilient.

Solid and stable developments are Braun Büffel’s strengths

29 October 2014

Since the German brand’s founding in 1887, it has witnessed an unwavering expansion across the globe.

Linking up the bio-economy value chain

29 October 2014

How Biotech Corp is employing a holistic approach to nurture the Malaysian herbal industry.

Astronomers map exocomets for the first time

29 October 2014

Ultra-sensitive telescope helps map hundreds of comets around a star 63 light-years away.

50,000 (BC) first dates: Getting some Neanderthal lovin’

29 October 2014

Ancient human bone helps put a timeline to early humans’ first sex with Neanderthals.

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY ALFONS LUNA(FILES) - A picture dated August 7, 2013 shows a general view of the London city skyline. Skyscrapers are shooting up all over London, transforming a skyline once dominated by Big Ben and St Pauls Cathedral. Some Londoners are delighted at their citys Manhattanisation but others warn it risks losing its soul. AFP PHOTO / ANDREW COWIE

London town is falling up

29 October 2014

As towers reach for the sky in London, some people are worrying about the city’s ancient roots.

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"I'm Okay!"

Halloween costume brings out the cute in kid.


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