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Reclaiming water: At the Bunus sewage treatment plant in Kuala Lumpur, one of the over 6,000 operated by Indah Water Konsortium nationwide, wastewater is treated and rendered safe enough for non-drinking use or discharge into rivers. Photos: Indah Water Konsortium

Here’s why you should pay your IWK bill

29 January 2015

Sewage treatment helps protect rivers, our source of drinking water.

Buy or not: Gustavo Salmeron (centre) looks through bins of old photos for sale at a Los Angeles flea market. Most of us find photos particularly difficult to get rid off. Photos: TNS

It’s a human thing: Collecting

29 January 2015

For many people, gathering possessions is just the stuff of life.

Which space? Offices are going with either open spaces and workstations, as in Pfizer Malaysia’s office (above), or sticking with cubicles or a combination, as in Astro’s offices (below). Photos: Pfizer/Astro

Hot-desking or cubicle farming?

28 January 2015

While some Malaysian companies move away from cubicles towards ‘hot-desking’ (ie working from anywhere), others are sticking with the privacy and space personalization offered by cubicles.

The flip side of hot-desking

28 January 2015

While open offices and ‘hot-desking’ are all the rage, some employees argue that such concepts sap motivation and increase stress.

China’s transgender sex workers suffer intense social ostracism, economic marginalisation

28 January 2015

Many transgenders in China live hidden lives far from their families.

Rosetta spacecraft deepens mystery of comet’s origin

27 January 2015

The history-making Rosetta probe yields its first findings about comets, how they behave and where they come from.

Boy who wrote book about visiting heaven says: ‘I didn’t’

27 January 2015

Alex Malarkey who wrote 2010’s best-selling 'The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven' now says he made it all up to get attention.

Getting to grips with the ‘power grip’: study

27 January 2015

By studying the bones of human ancestors, scientists now think that the 'power grip' phenomenon started much earlier than previously thought.

Doomsday Clock: Earth is ‘3 minutes’ to catastrophe

26 January 2015

Climate change and nuclear threats prompt the keepers of the Doomsday Clock to move it ‘two minutes’ closer to the end of time.

The devastation caused by surface gold mining near the village of Nueva in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. In just a few years, illegal mining has wiped out about 58ha of forested areas and poisoned rivers with some 40 tonnes of mercury. Photo: AFP

Gold mining causing more deforestation in South America

26 January 2015

High gold prices have made it profitable to extract low-grade deposits lying beneath protected Amazon and other South American forests.

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