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Paying the paltry sum of RM5 for Robert Johnsons King Of The Delta Blues Singers Vol II and RM35 for The Paul Butterfield Blues Bands double LP best of collection, Golden Butter, certainly constitutes a steal.

Searching for great LP record bargains

18 April 2015

Prices have sky-rocketed in the last 10 years, and if vinyl LP buyers are not careful, they could be scalped. But armed with proper info, this common pitfall can be evaded.

Back for good?: To encourage a community vibe and vinyl appreciation, Hard Graft Records has introduced the monthly Classic Album Sundays listening sessions at the store. Photo: SAMUEL ONG/The Star

Record Store Day in Malaysia isn’t tied to anything official

18 April 2015

In Malaysia, the idea of Record Store Day has a different spin.

This R2-D2 plane is a fine motivator

18 April 2015

This may not be the droid you're looking for, but a plane painted to look like R2-D2 is lifting the spirits of 'Star Wars' fans waiting for the upcoming movie. What do you think of that Artoo? Beep.

The Brontosaurus is back, y'all! Prodigal dino returns to lexicon

16 April 2015

Study suggests science should restore the dinosaur to its rightful status.

'We are not alone': NASA says we'll find aliens in 10 years or so

16 April 2015

But if you think we'll find little green men with huge eyes, then you'll be sorely disappointed.

Serama sensations

16 April 2015

The ayam serama (bantam breed of chickens) peck at their opposite sex. If they don't, this means they can potentially mate with each other and their newborn may be potential winners at serama competitions one day as well.

Not for the kitchen: No Shampoo proponents try all sorts of alternatives to wash and condition their hair.

Here’s what you need to know about 'No Shampoo'

15 April 2015

It’s not for everyone but it make us conscious of what we subject our hair to. (No brands or products were associated with this project.)

The inaugural Asia Hotel Design Awards 2015 honoured the best in hotel design

15 April 2015

Held in Singapore recently, the awards highlighted the best designed hotel spaces.

Open wide: An adult female Enyalioides altotambo woodlizard. Photo: LUIS A. COLOMA

New ‘dwarf dragons’ found in South America

15 April 2015

Woodlizard genus found to be more diverse than previously thought.

What happened when I didn’t shampoo my hair for one month

15 April 2015

Our challenger lives to tell how not using commercial products to wash his hair has changed his perception.

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Packing peanuts made into batteries

Scientists have found a way to turn polystyrene packing materials into something useful.


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