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While volunteers are a welcome help, it’s equally important that facilities and buildings are designed in such a way that they can be used independently by tourists with disabilities. Photos: ART CHEN/The Star

Making accessible tourism a reality

28 March 2015

Accessible tourism for people with disabilities, as a business with great potential, might just make the concept flourish. However, seamless co-operation from all relevant parties is also necessary.

Meet croc ancestor that walked on hind legs and ate other crocs

25 March 2015

Scientists have unearthed fossils of a menacing land-dwelling crocodile and named it “Carolina butcher” for good reason.

Mystery of Darwin’s strange mammals finally solved

25 March 2015

What were these mysterious mammals: one like a hippo-rhino-rodent hybrid, the other like a humpless camel with an elephant’s trunk?

Ancient bling changes how we see Neanderthals

25 March 2015

The view that Neanderthals were brutes and dumb may need a rethink after researchers find jewellery made long before modern humans.

Eager to learn: A Penan girl in class at a remote school in Baram, Sarawak. — Filepic

Orang asli issues: Access to education still difficult

24 March 2015

Getting to school can be difficult when you have to travel for hours by boat.

Orang asli Farah Syahera Chin of SMK Khir Johari, Sungai Sumun, Perak, was one of the top 2014 STPM scorers — she’s seen here receiving her award from Malaysian Examinations Council chairman Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Noh Dalimin on March 2. Generally, though, fewer than half of orang asli children at the primary level continue to secondary school. Photo: ART CHEN/The Star

Orang asli issues: Concerted effort needed

24 March 2015

More needs to be done to keep orang asli students in school longer.

No fossil fuels: Workers making coal chips in Calcutta, India. Stopping investments in fossil fuels is seen as one way to tackle the problem of climate change. Photo: EPA

Climate change: UN backs fossil fuel divestment campaign

24 March 2015

UN agency shares aim for strong deal on fighting global warming at Paris summit.

Sensitive landscape: A new report found sea level rise, invasive exotic species and human activities threatening the health of the Everglades National Park in Florida. Photos: AFP

Rare plants in the Everglades under siege, struggling against extinction

24 March 2015

Many plants which used to flourish in South Florida and now are barely clinging to existence in the Everglades and nearby protected areas.

Giant jellyfish Keesingia gigas from Western Australia is venomous and tentacle-free.Photo: WoRMS/jatotte-MIRG AustraliaCOPYRIGTH. DO NOT REUSE

Over 200,000 creatures call the oceans home, including one very confusing snail

24 March 2015

The World Register of Marine Species confirms that oceans are home to 228,450 marine species.

Satellite mapping ushers new era of transparency for palm oil players

23 March 2015

Eye in the sky.

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Packing peanuts made into batteries

Scientists have found a way to turn polystyrene packing materials into something useful.


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