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Dinner in White tradition sparkles again in New York

27 August 2014

New Yorkers start spreadin’ the news, and head to Rockefeller Park for the annual event.

Brains for progress: Scientists are changing the world

27 August 2014

Painstakingly, and incrementally, scientists are changing the world.

Meet the scientists who are creating things, adding value, and contributing to society in subtle, often unseen ways: From left, molecular biologist Prof Dr Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd Rahman,  nuclear scientist Dr. Chantara Thevy Ratnam, and chemical engineer Prof Dr Luqman Chuah Abdullah.


Getting to the next level in the world of science

27 August 2014

Three members of the Academy Of Sciences Malaysia’s 2013 intake for its Top Research Scientist Malaysia database — a repository of the cream of this country’s scientific crop — weigh in with their thoughts on science in the Malaysian context.

Professor Dr Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd Rahman's ezymes have been up to space and back. She studies the molecular structure of proteins, searching for promising candidates that could be developed into the next big industrial enzyme.

Prof Dr Raja Noor Zaliha: Adventures in microbe hunting

27 August 2014

Enzymes are a crucial pillar of industrial biotechnology.

Dr. Chantara Thevy Ratnam is an award-winning nuclear scientist whose research could have implications for Malaysia's rubber recycling industry. Her childhood ambition was to become a medical doctor, and her favourite song is Daddy Cool by Boney M.

Dr Chantara Thevy Ratnam: Polymer power

27 August 2014

Meet the first Malaysian to win the Grand Prix Award at the 34th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products.

For the living room walls, Garland used a blue that is a shade darker than the one on the chandelier.

Colour me wild

27 August 2014

Take a cue from a favourite object and let its hues rule your space.

Magpies beat the rap

27 August 2014

Those black-and-white birds which for generations have been known as jewellery thieves are, in fact, wary of shiny objects, a myth-busting study has claimed.

'Dang it, Otis, can't you learn to knock like all the other neighbours?'

Spiders: City livin' sure meets their arachneeds

27 August 2014

Urban dwelling can really have its perks – if you’re a spider.

Bao Bao turns 1! Pandas of the world rejoice!

27 August 2014

What’s cuter than a human toddler attacking cake on her first birthday? A panda doing the same thing!

Lagunita and Tamchen: Lost Mayan cities back on the map!

26 August 2014

The ruins of two Mayan cities that date as far back as 1,800 years ago have recently been found in a Mexican jungle.

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