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Machiya-style sliding screens, wooden lattices and lantern-lit walkways create a picturesque shopping village in Niseko that comprises three retail outlets and four restaurants.

Mount Annupuri ski resort, Niseko Village, pulls out the stops on luxury

24 January 2015

Niseko Village, the Malaysian-owned, award-winning ski resort, unveils its latest developments that will make it even more fun and luxurious.

China’s Snow Town is actually the nickname of the Shuang Feng Wood Farm outside Mudanjiang city. The snowy season here lasts for over seven months.

China's Mudanjiang city aka Snow Town is a 7-month winter wonderland

24 January 2015

Northeast China's 'Snow Town' has mirror lakes, frozen waterfalls, ice fishing, and is the site of the highest waterfall dive on record.

Singaporean fined RM53k for throwing butts out of window

24 January 2015

Singapore has fined a smoker S$19,800 (RM53,085) for throwing 34 cigarette butts out of his flat window.

Two-faced: The 415-million-year-old fish Janusiscus schultzei indicates that ancestors of both the bony and cartilaginous fishes were not shark-like but instead characterised by lots of bones. Photo: Sam Giles/K. Trinajstic

Ancient fossil could change the evolutionary theory of fish origins

22 January 2015

A tiny Siberian fish fossil that’s a whopping 415 million years old may be an ancestor to all the jawed vertebrates living today.

Engineers have created a temporary tattoo that extracts and measures the level of glucose in the fluid in between skin cells. Photo: Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego

Your Facebook 'Likes' betray you ...

21 January 2015

What's hot and what’s not in world science and technology.

Misbehaving Chinese tourists to face 'database of shame'

20 January 2015

China takes action against citizens who cause trouble while travelling abroad – by documenting their misdeeds in a database of shame.

Borneo pitcher plant wins battle of intelligence against ants

20 January 2015

An insect-eating plant from Borneo is living proof that a brainless organism can outsmart those that have.

2014 hottest year on record, scientists confirm

20 January 2015

Two ongoing studies on global temperatures confirm that 2014 is the hottest year since measurements were first taken in the 19th century.

The final 15 hostages were swapped on the tarmac outside the waiting JAL DC-8 on Aug 8, 1975. The five in the middle facing the camera were the last five hostages. Robert Stebbins, the last to be released, was in the white shirt at the left with a loose tie. Swedish Charge d’Affaires Fredrik Bergenstrahle is in the business suit in the middle.Pix re-shoot from The Star

A journalist with a view, and a lesson not fully learned

19 January 2015

Former Associated Press writer Hari S. Maniam and American consul Robert Stebbins recall their parts in the Japanese Red Army hostage crisis in Kuala Lumpur, 1975.

Photo: Bernama

TEDs put an end to incidental captures of turtles in nets

19 January 2015

Shrimp trawl nets must soon have turtle excluder devices.

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