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About 200 people, including Fukushima mayor Kaoru Kobayashi, small children and buddhist monks, appear in the video and dance in their own styles. The video was filmed at various locations JR Fukushima Station, tourist sights such as a hot spring bath, a shopping avenue and a rice paddy.

Clap along: Hit single 'Happy' makes its way to Fukushima

28 July 2014

Pharrell’s music is spreading happiness in disaster-hit Fukushima.

The e-rickshaw (in the background), as it is known, is another option in a city where the public transport system has failed to keep pace with a growing population. Cycle rickshaws, however, may just be the safer option.

India's rickshaw debate: Safe or otherwise?

28 July 2014

Electric three-wheelers are popular in Delhi despite safety concerns.

Delhi restaurant gives convicts a new beginning

28 July 2014

India’s largest prison opens a restaurant to give hardened convicts a chance to start over.

China's army make robots dance, but that's all you're getting

28 July 2014

The world's largest military force offers outsiders a glimpse of its whimsical side, but continues to shield its true power.

Burger burglars caught on tape, leave undies behind

28 July 2014

Three bare burglars burgle beef. Only in Florida is that not a tongue twister but the latest true crime.

An efficient public transport system is crucial in upgrading the liveability of Penang. - Photo from Agoda.com. (Inset) Penangites welcome a new and improved public transport system that provides another alternative - the LRT, besides the current buses and taxis. - File pic

Making Penang more liveable

26 July 2014

Penang is set for a progressive, creative, sustainable, prosperous and empowered society. But a seamless and accessible public transport system is crucial.

Curious mind: Fabien Bouhier wants everyone to share his passion for quantum physics. Hear him speak at TEDxKL to find out why it's important.

Quantum physics fan Fabien Bouhier tackles the cosmic Qs at TEDxKL

25 July 2014

Multiverses, black holes, Schrodinger's cat: A quantum physics enthusiast tell us why we should be interested in all cosmic theories.

In the genes: The results of the study could explain why Denmark performs consistently well in studies of international happiness. - AFP

Are you sad? Then you need a dose of Danish genes!

25 July 2014

A new study indicates that, if happiness is in the genes, Danish DNA could be key.

Pastry pranksters leave cops with sticky mystery

24 July 2014

They come in the night and vandalise the town with doughnuts, cakes, and even potato salad - but nobody knows who they are.

Un-hack my wheels! Device promises to block cyber car attacks

24 July 2014

Two security experts who exposed how easy it is to cyber hack the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape say they’ve got the solution.

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