Published: Wednesday July 30, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
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Savvy Seo In-guk tackles dual role in new TV series

The South Korean actor stars in High School King Of Savvy.

Swapped identities isn’t exactly a novel premise in the realm of South Korean dramas. High School King Of Savvy is the latest show to jump on that bandwagon.

The series, which premiered on South Korean televisions in mid-June, sees actor Seo In-guk taking on the role of a high school student. The actor plays Lee Min-suk, a popular kid who is the star of his school’s ice hockey team.

However, Min-suk’s seemingly perfect life is shattered one day when his older brother Hyung-suk suddenly goes missing. Despite their nine-year age gap, both Min-suk and Hyung-suk share uncanny physical similarities – a fact that comes in handy when the latter asks his younger sibling to impersonate him at his new high-ranking job at a conglomerate.

It is now up to Min-suk to balance between his life as a student and his brother’s workplace drama. His endeavours often result in comical situations, something which prompted Seo to take on the role.

“I found the script very amusing when I first read it. The characters were charming and the episodes very humorous. I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to work on this project,” says the 26-year-old actor via e-mail.

He adds that he could relate to his character in the drama.

Seo In-guk plays a typical high school student who is also the star of his ice hockey team.
Seo In-guk plays a typical high school student who is also the star of his ice hockey team.

“My personality is very similar to Min-suk’s. Like him, I am energetic and highly competitive,” says Seo. Prior to High School King Of Savvy, the Ulsan native had appeared in the wildly popular Reply 1997 and The Master’s Sun.

Although he also played a high school student in the former, Seo is undeterred by comparisons between both series.

“Well, although I do play a student in this new drama. I also play the role of a business professional. The diversity of roles has definitely challenged and spurred my growth as an actor,” he offers.

One of the challenges in filming his latest series would be scenes that required him to play ice hockey.

“At first, I fell down many times and had a hard time, but I’ve grown to love the game as my skills have improved. I’ve also grown closer to my fellow cast members as a result,” says Seo.

“I’m planning to pursue hockey as a personal hobby going forward,” he adds.

Seo recently released the digital single Bomtanaba – a song about the confusing feelings of loving someone – in May.

“The strong response to my new song has been exciting. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do a broadcast for the song because of the new drama. I hope fans will also give much support to the ‘actor’ Seo In-guk,” he concludes.

High School King Of Savvy airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm on Channel M (HyppTV Ch 601).

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