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Five things you didn't know about Joan Rivers

The sassy 80-year-old comedienne always has a lot to say about everyone and everything.

> She lives in New York City while Fashion Police is taped in Los Angeles. So, the 80-year-old commutes to the east coast every week. “I know every stewardess on American Airlines. If you want to get an extra blanket, say you know me,” Rivers jokes.

Good natured: Don't be fooled by her mean persona; Joan Rivers' bark is worse than her bite.
Good natured: Don't be fooled by her mean persona; Joan Rivers' bark is worse than her bite. 

> Rivers not only criticises celebs on the show, but also her own co-hosts. Giuliana Rancic says: “When I walk on set, Joan will go, ‘Oooh is that dress yours?” If I say no, it is wardrobe’s, she’ll say, ‘Give it back!’.”

> She tries her best to look immaculate. You know, practise what you preach. “I am always in black, so I put a pretty necklace on. I do my hair and make-up when I get on a plane. Because if I look like garbage, who am I to (criticise others). Even when I walk my dogs in New York City, I try to look nice,” Rivers reasons.

> Rivers is not as nasty as you think. It is really just a persona. “People don’t realise how big a conscience Joan actually has and how professional and lovely she is,” Kelly Osbourne says of her co-host. “Sometimes, we’ll be doing the show and she’ll be like, ‘No, take that joke out, that was too mean.’ People don’t know that side of Joan at all.”

> Even after so many years in the industry, the comedienne is still afraid people don’t laugh at her jokes. “All I ever say to (the head writer) when I come off set is, ‘Was that alright? I don’t think they laughed today.’” – Gordon Kho

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