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Do you know your Downton Abbey?

Obsessed with the hit British period drama? Prove it!

THE cast, with one notable exception, returns to the lavishly decorated manor house as the age of jazz envelopes the conservative nobility of English society.

And downstairs, the servants are getting up to their own antics, with some familiar faces returning to wreak havoc and spread gossip, while others forge ahead in accomplishing their own dreams that may not include remaining in the field of service.

It’s not just the decade that changed since the previous season ended.

The new season opens under the cloud of grief that affects both the upstairs and downstairs characters following the shocking death of Matthew Crawley, played by Dan Stevens, in the finale of Season Three.

But show creator Julian Fellowes has found a way to carry on without Matthew, setting up much of the new season around potential suitors for Lady Mary, forging a way for the estate to survive the death taxes and introducing an equally shocking crime that forever alters life for several below stairs.

How much do you know about Downton Abbey?

Test your knowledge of all things Downton with the quiz below. – The Brunswick News/McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

1. What country estate is the real life location for Downton Abbey?

A. Highclere Castle, home of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon

B. Windsor Castle, royal residence of Queen Elizabeth II

C. Donegal Castle, former home of the Earl of Arran

2. Which of the duties below is NOT part of the footman’s job?

A. Serving meals

B. Cleaning the silver

C. Driving the car

3. What’s the name of Sybil and Branson’s child?

A. Elizabeth

B. Mary

C. Sybil

4. Why is Lady Edith’s suitor, Michael Gregson, an unsuitable match?

A. He is in debt.

B. He is married to a woman living in an asylum.

C. He is moving to America.

5. Which downstairs couple are married?

A. Thomas Barrow and Sarah O’Brien

B. Charles Carson and Elsie Hughes

C. John Bates and Anna Smith

6. What is the first name of the Dowager Countess of Grantham, played by Maggie Smith?

A. Martha

B. Violet

C. Georgia

7. What is Bates accused of before being sent to prison?

A. Murder

B. Theft

C. Gambling

8. What position do Anna and O’Brien hold?

A. Lady’s maid

B. Housekeeper

C. Kitchen maid

9. What’s the name of the cousin who is sent to live at the end of Season Three with the Crawleys at Downton?

A. Lady Rosamund Painswick

B. Isobel Crawley

C. Lady Rose MacClare

10. Which actress plays Martha Levinson, the mother of Cora, the Countess of Grantham?

A. Helen Mirren

B. Shirley MacLaine

C. Judi Dench

Downton Abbey airs every Thursday at 8pm on DIVA Universal (Astro Ch 702).


1. Real life location of Downton Abbey: A. Highclere Castle, home of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon.

2. A footman does not: C. Drive the car

3. Sybil and Branson’s daughter is named: C. Sybil

4. Gregson isn’t a good match because: B. He is married to a woman living in an asylum.

5. Downstairs couple: C. John Bates and Anna Smith

6. First name of the Dowager Countess: B. Violet

7. Bates is accused of: A. Murder

8. Anna and O’Brein’s position: A. Lady’s maid

9. Cousin living at Downton: C. Lady Rose MacClare

10. Actress plays Cora’s mother: B. Shirley MacLaine

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