Published: Monday December 23, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
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In the mood for love

Capital FM announcer Ika enjoys the interaction with listeners on her show, 'Groovedown'.

Capital FM announcer Ika enjoys the interaction with listeners on her show, 'Groovedown'.

DJ Lin and Ika are hosts of the late night shows on Suria FM and Capital FM, respectively, that help listeners to simplify relationships.

DJ Lin who hosts Suria Cinta (Sunday-Friday, 10pm-2am) is passionate about being on radio. It is a career that gives her the opportunity to express herself while getting immediate feedback from her listeners.

“Like every job, there will be challenges along the road. Overcoming these challenges would continue to reignite my enthusiasm to perform better for my listeners,” said Lin.

Capital FM announcer Ika enjoys the interaction with listeners on her show Groovedown (Monday-Friday, 8pm-midnight).

“There is nothing more organic and honest than talking to people whom I have considered part of my life, although I have never met most of them,” said Ika.

Both announcers admitted that hosting a show that deals with emotions, feelings and sentiments have made them more appreciative of life.

One memorable experience for DJ Lin was when a caller shared a story on how she lost her husband-to-be in a car accident. This happened when he was on his way to the mosque for their wedding.

“I always put myself in the shoes of others; so when I heard this story, I couldn’t help but shed some tears,” said Lin who chokes up whenever she attends weddings of couples who have met each other through her show.

DJ Lin hosts the popular show, Suria Cinta.

For Ika, her memorable experience was when she received a letter from a lady who was trying to get back into the dating scene after her husband’s death.

“The support and encouragement that poured in were overwhelming. I couldn’t air all of the comments, unfortunately. They were all so sweet and kind,” said Ika.

Suria FM’s Suria Cinta and Capital FM’s Groovedown are relatable and appealing across all age groups and genders.

Love is always a great discourse that brings people together, despite the difference in experience.

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