Published: Tuesday December 17, 2013 MYT 12:50:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday December 17, 2013 MYT 1:34:25 PM

Brian Griffin lives again!

Brian Griffin came back from the dead, sort of, in last weekend's episode of 'Family Guy' show in the United States.

Brian Griffin came back from the dead, sort of, in last weekend's episode of 'Family Guy' show in the United States.

Everyone’s favourite alcoholic cartoon dog is back from the dead.

Family Guy fans, relax and rejoice – Brian Griffin the dog is back from the dead.

The pooch is back where he belongs, drinking and womanising among his friends and family in Quahog. The Fox animated comedy revived Brian last weekend, and in turn, said goodbye to the new family hound, Vinny (Tony Sirico).

To bring back one of the show’s most popular characters, baby Stewie and Vinny stole a time machine return pad from a different version of the diabolical infant that they encountered by happenstance in a toy store. Time-traveling Stewie was on hand to buy the hot Christmas toy of the season, but was distracted by Vinny’s suggestion he try modelling.

Stewie Griffin bids farewell to Vinny the replacement dog in Family Guy.

Real-time Stewie was able to nab the device and save his friend. It all makes (slightly) more sense in context.

Last month, Brian was hit by a car while playing street hockey with Stewie, ultimately dying. In altering the timeline last weekend, Stewie tackled his best friend out of harm’s way, preventing the tragedy and saving the Griffin family Christmas. So going forward, Brian never died, and the Griffins never adopted Vinny.

The twist was predicted – and possibly even expected – given the nature of the show and Brian’s popularity, but that did not curb fans from panicking in the interim. — Reuters

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