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Spotlight on Malaysia

Sports icon: Learn the story behind Malaysia’s highest scoring footballer Mokhtar Dahari, nicknamed SuperMokh, in The Untold Truth About SuperMokh.

Sports icon: Learn the story behind Malaysia’s highest scoring footballer Mokhtar Dahari, nicknamed SuperMokh, in The Untold Truth About SuperMokh.

Ring in both Merdeka and Malaysia Day with exciting programmes on Astro.

IN conjunction with this year’s Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day, Astro presents almost 200 uplifting programmes for viewers. With the tagline “Negaraku, The Best Of 1Malaysia”, the line-up of programmes can be enjoyed by Astro customers beginning today till Sept 16.

From remembering the sacrifices of our patriots to reliving some of the nation’s proudest sporting achievements, we are once again reminded why we call Malaysia our homeland.

Here are some of the programmes:

Back To The Streets (Aug 15, AFC / Astro Ch 703, 8.30pm): Chef Malcolm Goh and Zher Peen go undercover to search for the most authenthic street food in Kuala Lumpur.

1941: The Fall Of Penang (Aug 17, History / Astro Ch 555, 7pm): Relive that fateful day when Penang fell under Japanese forces in 1941.

Crime Investigation Asia (Aug 19, CI / Astro Ch 723, 7pm): Crime cases often strike fear in our hearts, but it also unites us all. Beginning Aug 19, this one-hour documentary shows some of the most heinous crimes the country has ever seen, from the murders of beauty queen Jean Perera and IT analyst Canny Ong, to a military weapon heist and a drug bust.

Rising Sun Over Malaya (Aug 24, History / Astro Ch 555, 7pm): Get first-hand account on the Japanese Occupation in Malaya which took the lives of tens of thousands of our countrymen.

The Malayan Emergency (Aug 25, History / Astro Ch 555, 8pm): This two-hour special chronicles the Communist Party of Malaya’s fight to make the country a Communist Republic. The documentary features original archive footage and photographs. Also, former intelligence specialists, policemen, soldiers and terrorists offer vivid accounts of the war.

Babak filem 29 Februari (arahan Edry Abdul Halim) lakonan Remy Ishak dan Jojo Goh.
A scene from 29 Februari starring Remy Ishak (third from right) and Jojo Goh.

Ride & Seek (Aug 25, History / Astro Ch 555, 10pm): American travel host Jaime Dempsey takes her Harley Davidson to the streets of Peninsular Malaysia, exploring the breathtaking sites in Johor, Pahang, Penang, Malacca, Selangor and Kelantan.

Konsert Kenangan Sudirman (Aug 30, Prima / Astro Ch 105, 10pm): Join some of the hottest artistes today such as Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Jaclyn Victor, Misha Omar, Hafiz, Ziana Zain and Hujan as they take on the music of legendary performer Sudirman.

AIM Chinese 2013 (Aug 31, AEC / Astro Ch 301, 6.30pm): After a 12-year hiatus, the Chinese Anugerah Industri Muzik is back to honour the best in local Chinese music. With more than 18 titles up for grabs – Best Male/Female Vocal Performance, Best Album and Best Song to name a few – see if your favourite local artiste will win big in the awards show.

Settayo Settai (Aug 31, Vaanavil / Astro Ch 201, 8pm): Hosted by Malaysian funnyman Sathia and Kanchana Devi, don’t miss some of the hottest talents in the Malaysian Tamil music scene such as Dhilip Varman, Rabbit Mac and Mista-G.

Tastemakers (Aug 31, Li / Astro Ch 728, 9.30pm): Get the scoop on the nation’s history-making Malaysians such as Kedah-born singer Yuna, F&B chain The BIG Group founder Benjamin Yong and designer duo Sereni and Shentel whose works have been donned by the cast of Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives.

29 Februari (Aug 31, Citra / Astro Ch 131, 11pm): Dubbed Malaysia’s first 3D film, 29 Februari centres on a man who is born on Feb 29 and only ages one year in every four years. As such, he witnesses the changing landscape of Malaysia, from its independence up to the present.

The New Money range from Sereni&Shentel.
Catch designer duo Sereni and Shentel (left) in Tastemakers (Aug 31, Li / Astro Ch 728, 9.30pm).

My New Village Stories (Sept 1, AEC / Astro Ch 301, 9pm): This documentary is back for a third season, shedding light on the cultural and economic aspects of the New Village community in Malaysia.

Di Sebalik Kegemilangan (Sept 2, Arena / Astro Ch 801, 10pm): Revisit some of the nation’s proudest sporting moments in this series, airing every Monday beginning on Sept 2. Prominent sports commentator Datuk Rahim Razali will take viewers back to the 1975 Men’s Hockey World Cup where Malaysia placed fourth; the Thomas Cup which tested the skills of many shuttlers from 1967 to 1992; and our national football team which qualified for the Olympic Games in 1972 and 1980.

Merdeka Tournament (Sept 7, Arena, Astro Ch 801, TBA): Held in honour of Malaysia’s Independence Day, the Merdeka Tournament or Pestabola Merdeka is back after a four-year hiatus.

The Untold Truth About SuperMokh (Sept 7, National Geographic Channel / Astro Ch 553, 9pm): Learn the truth about the death of legendary footballer Mokhtar Dahari who was rumoured to have suffered from muscular dystrophy.

Gadget Nation (Sept 13, Awani / Astro Ch 501, 8.30pm): Did you know that a local production studio was behind the Oscar-winning Life Of Pi’s computer graphics work? Don’t miss this special interview with the talented animators at Rhythm And Hues Malaysia.

Lost Over France: Malaya’s Unsung Hero (Sept 15, History / Astro Ch 555, 9pm): Get the scoop on a Malaysian family that fought for the British forces during World War II.

10 Things I Don’t Know About Malaysia (Sept 16, History / Astro Ch 555, 9pm): Ezra Said lets viewers in on 10 little known twists and tidbits about the historical stories, figures and places you think you know.

Wildlife Defenders (Sept 16, Discovery / Astro Ch 551, 9pm): Documentary crewmen go behind the scenes with Malaysia’s Department Of National Parks and Wildlife as they combat illegal wildlife trafficking.

Malaysia: Through The Decades (Sept 16, National Geographic Channel / Astro Ch 553, 9pm): Walk through the corridors of time as the documentary captures five decades worth of Malaysia’s developments and achievements since 1963.

For a full schedule of the Negaraku, The Best Of 1Malaysia programmes, visit

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