Published: Monday December 9, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Monday December 9, 2013 MYT 7:05:18 AM

Remembering Anita Mui

ANITA Mui (pic) may be gone, but she’s never forgotten. This month, we pay tribute to the late Hong Kong superstar, commemorating the 10th anniversary of her untimely death. A series of themed playlist featuring Mui’s most popular songs will be aired on 988’s weekend show, Remember The Moment (every Sunday from 6pm to 9pm).

A decade after her demise, Mui’s legacy still lives on through her music and movies. Her powerful stage presence was second to none and those who have had the privilege of watching her perform live will always cherish her shows. So, join 988 in their tribute to the legendary performer.

Playlist theme:

Dec 15 – Remembering Anita: Together with ...

Dec 22 – Remembering Anita: Live

Dec 29 – Remembering Anita: Legend in style

Also on 988 this week:

Music Gets Crazy (Monday-Friday, 12.30pm-4pm)

Time for freebies! Stand a chance to win tickets to the premiere screening of the movie Control starring Daniel Wu, Simon Yam, Yao Chen and An Yi Xuan. The sci-fi thriller was directed by Kenneth Bi, the Best New Director award winner at the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards. There are also heaps of movie goodies for everyone so do look out for the cues to call.

Pasar Malam (Monday-Thursday, 8pm-10pm)

988’s Mah Jian Ming (better known as Xiao Mah) is often dubbed a “Mr Nice Guy”, which is why DJ Leaf is determined to try and get something “nasty” out of the man. Xiao Mah currently hosts 988’s weekend show, Go, Go Weekend with DJ Shiang Jiun.

Go, Go Weekend – He & She (Saturday, 8am-9am)

For some, once you meet your true love, you don’t even need much time to get to know them before walking down the aisle. DJ Shiang Jiun reckons a “fast food” kind of marriage is more like a natural disaster, while DJ Xiao Mah sees nothing wrong with it. What do you think?

* For more information, log on to www.988.com.my.

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