Published: Friday March 28, 2014 MYT 7:35:00 PM
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The one song you need to listen to right now

British group Clean Bandit’s single Rather Be is quite likely this year’s early summer hit.

Sick of hearing Let It Go being played practically (and sung) everywhere in the world yet? Well, turn your attention to Rather Be, an infectious track that has taken the Internet by storm. Well, sort of.

The music video for the song, which was released in January, has been viewed more than 24.5 million times on YouTube. The track also climbed fast to the top spot of numerous music charts in Europe, as well as in Australia. It is the fourth single taken from Clean Bandit’s upcoming debut album, New Eyes, which drops May 12 in Britain.

The song is an easy mix of pop, house, electronica and a tiny bit of dubstep with lots of violin work. It features a relatively unknown singer named Jess Glynne, but we’re pretty sure she’ll be invited to perform with more bands soon enough. Or, you know, cut her own studio album.

Clean Bandit, on the other hand, is a four-piece group founded in 2009 but it only managed to come up with a single (Mozart’s House) last year. The members are Jack Patterson (bass guitar, keyboard), Luke Patterson (drums), Grace Chatto (cello) and Milan Neil Amin-Smith (violin).

Meanwhile, the music video for Rather Be is also as breezy as the song’s beats. It follows a Japanese girl living in Tokyo going through her daily chores like she usually does (waking up, writing in her diary, working at a restaurant, dressing up in a school girl outfit...), but singing every word of the song. Don’t be confused, though, she’s not Glynne.

The singer (she’s the blonde one) and the band do appear in the video – we’re assuming they’re the non-Asian ones as we can’t really tell who’s who.

The clip also sees a number of everyday Japanese folks hanging around the girl doing perfectly normal stuff, until some of them start to sing and dance along to the song, too, which freaks her out.

The song ends quite nicely, though the video does leave you a tiny bit baffled but it’s okay because once you listen to it, you’ll be hooked!

Commuters on the subway dancing to Rather Be. Singer Jess Glynne is featured in this take (she's the one in the middle). 

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