Published: Monday February 10, 2014 MYT 12:15:00 PM
Updated: Monday February 10, 2014 MYT 12:56:46 PM

An intimate encounter with Siti Nurhaliza

The pop diva’s charity concert over the weekend was a warm and personal affair.

MIDWAY through her performance, the spotlights that had been on Datuk Siti Nurhaliza throughout the first half of the show dimmed while the house lights flickered to life – I later realised, both a practical and symbolic gesture for what’s to come.

“I will be opening the floor for a Q&A session now,” the 35-year-old singer announced, adding “this is the first time I’ve ever done this.”

Immediately, hundreds of hands were raised all over Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), each one hoping for a chance to have their burning questions answered.

Over the next few minutes, Siti was peppered with queries about her personal life, including whether she has overcome her fear of driving (“the furthest I ever got to was the Giant near my house,” she responded with a chuckle) and someone even asking her husband, Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa, whether the sweet-natured Siti ever gets angry at home (short answer: No).

Not only was she offering the audience the opportunity to get to know her better, Siti was putting the limelight back on the people, the many who have supported the pop darling throughout her illustrious career.

And how apt, too, seeing that Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Live In KLCC – Where The Heart Is is a charity concert; proceeds of the two-night event will go to Yayasan Nurjiwa, a charity organisation founded by Siti and her husband that provides aid to the underprivileged, victims of natural disaster and children with special needs, among others.

In fact, from start to finish, Siti makes it a point to share a little about herself, often teasing the audience with jokes and witty remarks. The two-hour concert saw the vocal powerhouse deliver some of her most notable works such as Purnama Merindu, Jerat Percintaan, Cindai, Nirmala, Seindah Biasa and Bukan Cinta Biasa.

The singer sang and dance to some of her biggest hits such as Purnama Merindu, Jerat Percintaan, Cindai, Seindah Biasa and Bukan Cinta Biasa.
The singer sang and dance to some of her biggest hits such as Purnama Merindu, Jerat Percintaan, Cindai, Seindah Biasa and Bukan Cinta Biasa.

Accompanied by a mini orchestra, Siti sounded flawless as usual, although on Biarlah Rahsia where a rock arrangement was introduced to the ballad, the singer’s mellifluous vocals was unfortunately drowned out, despite providing a refreshing touch.

Siti also performed Kesilapanku, Keegoanmu after receiving many fan requests from Twitter to revive the old favourite prior to the concert. Two songs from her 2011 English album, Stand Up and Remember You, were also included in the night’s line-up.

The local songbird then surprised the audience with her rendition of Pink’s Just Give Me A Reason, joined by guest artiste, Akademi Fantasia winner Hazama. Though the songstress undoubtedly had the vocal range to carry the song, Siti’s syrupy sweet voice didn’t quite provide the song the edginess it needed.

The evening’s most memorable performance had to be Jaga Dia Untuk Aku, a stirring ballad capturing the moment Siti found out that her husband had gotten into a motorcycle accident in New Zealand over a year ago.

Siti revealed that it is her first time performing the number and it will be included in her upcoming album. The singer has started recording and the album is slated for release middle of this year.

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