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House of horror: Thailand's 'The Cursed House' is all spooks

The Cursed House teaches folks to appreciate life.

Owning a house is one of the final confirmations of adulthood. In the Thai horror film The Cursed House, that moment arrives for In (Akara Amarttayakul) when he spots his dream house and decides to spend his entire savings on it. 

He hopes he and his family can start collecting happy memories for the rest of their lives in this new house.

Unfortunately, this wonderful notion goes up in smoke when strange occurrences begin to happen in the house – like food rotting very fast and his daughter sleepwalking to the swing outside the house. 

Even In is affected when his easy-going manner is replaced with extreme moodiness, which leads him to be fired from his job. Then, In’s mother-in-law passes away under mysterious circumstances.

Unable to handle all these problems and tragedies, In’s wife – Ann (Kamolnapatch Thanwong) – decides to look for the help of a supernatural specialist. She learns that, besides her family, the house is also occupied by an angry ghost still seething over the fact that his wife left him for another man a long time ago.

In a transcript provided by the film distributor RAM Entertainment, actor Amarttayakul says that he was attracted to the film because the story is based on a true story and this is his first foray into the horror genre.

“It’s certainly a new experience and very interesting. At the same time, this has definitely been one of the most gruesome and challenging (roles),” the actor said.

When asked if he believes in stories about haunted houses and the supernatural, Amarttayakul answers diplomatically: “I think it depends. If you believe in spirits, you may see ghosts. Otherwise, it could be just tree branches moved by the wind.”

According to Amarttayakul, although it is based on a true story, the film shows no contempt to its source material as it is only meant as entertainment. “I don’t think we need to worry too much about that.”

The 40-year-old actor, who studied in the United States since he was 11, is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He was spotted by a director when he came back to Thailand for a holiday in 1991.

Although that particular project was never aired, Amarttayakul went on to star in a couple of films including the 2007 film Muay Thai Chaiya.

Amarttayakul – whose nickname is Golf – appreciates working with newbies in projects; The Cursed House not only features first-time director Teeratorn Chowvanayotin, its leading lady Thanwong is also new in the scene.

“I think we should give people a chance. Working with someone with a fresh perspective can be a fantastic learning experience,” he shared.

He describes the film as a horror mystery with a twist ending. “What goes around, comes around,” he said of the message of the film.

“If we adhere to a good principle, we’ll get good things in return. The movie teaches you not to be reckless in life. It also talks about compromise in the family – you need to communicate with each other for the sake of yourselves and your children. Basically, if you mean well and do well, don’t worry about anything else.” 

The Cursed House opens in cinemas nationwide today.

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