Published: Wednesday December 18, 2013 MYT 5:35:00 PM
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Brad Pitt: 50 and still hot

As Tristan in 'Legends Of The Fall', Brad Pitt sent millions of hearts a-flutter with his sexy 'hair-flips'.

As Tristan in 'Legends Of The Fall', Brad Pitt sent millions of hearts a-flutter with his sexy 'hair-flips'.

Celebrate the actor’s birthday today with some of his sexy films.

BRING out the champagne glasses folks ... we have a reason to celebrate today. Fifty years ago, on this date, the most physically perfect being was brought into this world and life has never been the same since then.

Happy 50th birthday Brad Pitt ... the beautiful man who deserves to have a statue in every city in the world simply for being gorgeous.

Erm, too much?

Anyway, can you believe that this blue-eyed hottie is half a century today? Like seriously ... the big 5-0.

The man who has melted millions of hearts and captured Angelina Jolie’s is half a century old but who the heck cares, right? Pitt could be 175 and he would still be hotter than thousands of men out there.

People magazine has voted him the “Sexiest Man Alive” twice and they’re right. Like, don’t even bother refuting the statement – Pitt is hot as hell and that’s that.

What better way to celebrate the hottie father of six than to take a look at some of his finest works and by work we mean movies in which he appears looking like a sex god.

Legends Of The Fall

Oh, Tristan, beautiful, beautiful Tristan. Pitt plays the carefree Tristan Ludlow in this 1994 movie about three brothers and their father surviving in the remote 1900s US and how their lives are affected by history, war and love. With long flowing blonde hair (which he kept even after filming the movie), Pitt made millions of hearts stop worldwide each time he did a “hair-flip” kinda thing.

The Mexican

Rumour has it that Pitt’s co-star Julia Roberts requested for the The Mexican’s director to add a sex scene in the 2001 flick. Gasp! That just shows that even Roberts couldn’t resist doing the nasty with Pitt, even if it just in a movie. It’s a good thing that their off-screen chemistry wasn’t strong ... otherwise who knows, Pitt might have ended up with Roberts instead of Jolie and that would be ... no, I don’t even want to think about it.


Nobody understands a single thing Pitt’s character Mickey O’Neil says in the movie ... not even the other characters but that doesn’t mean that we cannot appreciate what we see on screen. Mickey is a fast talking, mother loving, Irish gypsy who is quick when it comes to bare knuckle fighting ... and you know what that means ... lot’s of shirtless scenes with Pitt flaunting his tight body.

Fight Club

Edward Norton is a good actor but seriously, nobody cares about him each time he appears alongside Pitt in the movie. Pitt plays the slightly crazy but dangerously attractive Tyler Durden who sells homemade soap and has a penchant to rearrange people’s face with his knuckles. Pitt worked his body hard to get in perfect shape for this movie and the man sure didn’t miss a single chance to prance around shirtless to show off the result of his hard work.

Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen

Is there even a point trying to explain just how good Pitt’s character Rusty Ryan looked good in his three-piece suits in the trilogy? Let’s not waste time.

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