Published: Tuesday December 10, 2013 MYT 4:55:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday December 10, 2013 MYT 5:18:53 PM

Adam Sandler tops Forbes' list of most-overpaid actors

Despite his double effort, Adam Sandler’s role portraying both Jack and Jill (left) in the 2011 movie ‘Jack & Jill’, was a flop.

Despite his double effort, Adam Sandler’s role portraying both Jack and Jill (left) in the 2011 movie ‘Jack & Jill’, was a flop.

Comedian dethrones Eddie Murphy for the dubious distinction this year.

AMERICAN comedian Adam Sandler topped Forbes’ list of Hollywood’s most-overpaid actors, commanding a high up-front fee while delivering middling returns, the magazine said on Monday.

Sandler, 47, the star of recent comedies Jack & Jill and That’s My Boy, dethroned Eddie Murphy for the dubious distinction. Forbes estimated that Sandler’s last three films returned an average of US$3.40 (about RM11) for every dollar he was paid.

Murphy topped last year’s list, returning an average of US$2.30 (RM6.90) at the box office for each dollar earned.

Katherine Heigl, who starred in the poorly performing films Killers and One For The Money, placed slightly behind Sandler, returning an average of US$3.50 (RM11.20) per every dollar she earned.

The list, compiled annually by Forbes, counts the last three films an actor has starred in over the past three years. This year’s list was cut off at June 1, and so it excluded Sandler’s buddy comedy Grown Ups 2, which was released in July and performed well at the box office.

Forbes did not say how much Sandler earned on his last three films. But the magazine said he was one of the few movie stars who could still command more than US$15mil (RM48mil) per film, on an “up-front” arrangement. Hollywood studios in recent years have shifted to paying smaller up-front fees and tie actors’ pay with the film’s box-office performance.

The magazine said it examined actors’ pay, film budgets and expenses to calculate the average return an actor brings per dollar paid.

Reese Witherspoon, the star of recent films Water For Elephants and This Means War, was third on this list, with an average return of US$3.90 (RM12.50) for every dollar she was paid.

Nicolas Cage was fourth, with a US$6 (RM19.20) average return, and comedian Kevin James was fifth, returning an average of US$6.10 (RM19.60) – Reuters

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