Published: Wednesday February 5, 2014 MYT 10:05:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday February 5, 2014 MYT 10:27:29 AM

Neil Gaiman reads 'Green Eggs and Ham' for charity

Author narrates Dr. Seuss’ classic as Worldbuilders’ charity fundraising drive passes its US$500,000 goal.

FOR many, Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham is not just a children’s classic but a work of literary excellence, comprising as it does a constricted 50-word vocabulary as well as the author’s characteristic illustrations.

The reading by Coraline and American Gods author Neil Gaiman marks a successful fundraising period for the Worldbuilders website which, towards the end of 2013, proposed a charity drive for livestock distribution group Heifer International via a combination of auctions, lottery and donations.

“I’d actually already recorded a reading at the beginning of January: it was nice and elegant, filmed in an oak-panelled library in Cambridge, with a blazing fire behind me. I was relatively nattily dressed and as coiffed as I get,” Gaiman wrote in his online journal.

“The only problem with that video was, as we discovered on Friday [Jan 31] , the audio track was completely inaudible.”

“So, when I heard that Worldbuilders had hit the US$500,000 [RM1.5mil] stretch goal, I went for my jog, showered, and recorded myself reading Green Eggs And Ham again.”

“I suspect that I would have received fewer comments about how I look like a homeless person if we’d used the original inaudible one,” he joked.

The Worldbuilders 2013 Fundraiser ends on Wednesday, Feb 5 at midnight PST (6am Brazil, 8am GMT, 4pm Beijing). – AFP Relaxnews

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