Published: Tuesday December 3, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday December 3, 2013 MYT 9:25:59 AM

Adventures galore

This week’s roundup offers dystopian futures, alternate pasts, and a present full of fun and mystery.


Seven Wonders Book 2: Lost in Babylon

Author: Peter Lerangis

Publisher: HarperCollins, 373 pages, fiction

JACK McKinley and his friends are back in the second book of the Seven Wonders series. Despite having defeated the Colossus of Rhodes and secured the first Loculi, the magical orbs that can save the world, their mission is far from over. The young heroes have six more Loculi to find but their friend Marco disappears mysteriously. With the clock ticking and the end of world drawing near, they have no choice but to trust Prof Bhegad and the Karai Institute once more to guide them to the next Loculi in the great empire of Babylon.


12 Levels

Author: Abigail Lee

Publisher: Amcity Marketing Sdn Bhd, 196 pages, fiction

THERE is nothing like getting stuck in a highly challenging and almost surmountable game.

Emma and her friends find themselves imprisoned in a haunted mansion from which no one has come out alive. They discover that the only way for them to escape is to complete a game of 12 levels within 48 hours. But with an evil spirit as the gamemaster, nothing is fair and the odds are against them.



Author: Veronica Roth

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books, 526 pages, fiction

THE Divergent trilogy comes to an end in this final novel. Picking up from where Insurgent ended, Tris and Tobias now have a shot at building a new life beyond the fence after the faction-based society they used to live in is shattered. But what lies beyond the fence does not prove to be greener pastures for the couple. They are kidnapped by Allegiant, a rebel group determined to reinstate the old way of life and the shocking truth about the origins of the factions is finally revealed.

With an insurgency on the rise and all truths shattered, Tris and Tobias must battle it out once more ... this time to end it all.

Natasha: Hunt For The Monkey God’s Treasure

Author: Arthur J. Wu

Publisher: ArturCam Sdn Bhd, 197 pages, fiction

IN this second hilarious outing, 20-year-old beauty and invincible martial artist Natasha has been tasked with recovering the Oriental equivalent of King Arthur’s Excalibur, the Monkey God’s staff, which is imbued with magical powers. This is the only weapon that can thwart the potent demon king Garanmanga.

Joining forces with five other companions, Natasha braves the Eight-Fire Mountains and battles giant snakes, lizard-men and deadly witches along the way. But these are nothing compared with the demon king himself, who hunts them relentlessly. His goal: to claim the Monkey God’s staff for himself!


Ellie Belly: Mousey Mayhem

Author: Eliza Teoh

Publisher: Bubbly Books, 134 pages, fiction

ANIMAL whisperer Ellie Belly is back, and this time around, she and best friend Cammy discover a baby mouse in their classroom. The poor mouse informs Ellie that its family is trapped and unable to eat so the girls decide to help the creature.

But with English language teacher Mrs Goh getting all military about their grammar, Ellie and Cammy have to struggle between getting their tenses right and saving the mouse and its family.



Author: Gabby Tye

Publisher: Bubbly Books, 206 pages, fiction

SOMETHING terrible happened to the world when groundbreaking work in genetics went awry. It unleashed something horrific, something that kills every living creature in its path. But 15-year-old Singaporean Zee doesn’t know all this: all she knows is that she wakes up and has no memories – just a nagging feeling that she is meant to do something. She’s taken into a band of survivors trying to stay away from the Eaters, and learns that she now has to hunt for food and fight to survive. But things take a drastic turn when the adults in the group start to change and develop a new kind of hunger. 

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