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Papal favourites served up in new recipe book

23 October 2014

Member of Swiss Guard features dishes from various countries.

Books of the week: The fight for survival

21 October 2014

Junior Reading Room: This week it’s all about saving the world, and learning to love and appreciate one another.

Ego's mad ego blinded him to the danger of the approaching flying toaster.

10 Marvel characters who should never get solo titles

21 October 2014

Worlds Of Wonder: Marvel seems to be handing out solo titles like candy these days – even Squirrel Girl is getting her own comic! Here are ten we hope won't get their own titles.

John Romita Jr's cover for Superman #32 ... these days, the sequence could well be reversed, with Superman changing into a Clark Kent who's rushing off to do battle on the media's front lines.

Meet the not-so-mild-mannered Clark Kent

21 October 2014

Superman’s alter ego fights a never-ending battle of his own – for the future of journalism in Metropolis!

MPH Warehouse sale on again

21 October 2014

From Oct 21 to 26, you have a chance to browse through a warehouse full of books being offered at greatly reduced prices.

Love and hope in the time of despair: Man Booker winner Richard Flanagan

19 October 2014

How the poignant novel, 'The Narrow Road To The Deep North', was inspired by the infamous Thailand-Burma Death Railway of WWII.

The Star journalist and Star2's Craftypedia columnist Lee Mei Li has published "Hello Kitty Crochet", an "amigurumi" book on how to create crocheted dolls from the world of Hello Kitty. RAYMOND OOI/ The Star

Malaysian crafter crochets her way into the pages of Hello Kitty

19 October 2014

Lee Mei Li brings her love for the Japanese art of amigurumi and Hello Kitty together in the book, 'Hello Kitty Crochet'.

Australia's Flanagan takes Man Booker prize with war story

15 October 2014

Richard Flanagan says 'The Narrow Road To The Deep North', set during WWII and the building of the Thailand-Burma railway, was a book "I had to write".

Exec tells women: ‘Go for success over perfection’

15 October 2014

Anita Krohn Traaseth, former chief of Hewlett-Packard Norway, wants to see women aim higher.

Birthright expands idea of a hero’s journey

14 October 2014

New Image series takes childhood fantasies one step further.

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Actor BJ Novak reads 'The Book With No Pictures' to kids

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