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It can be difficult to start dating again after a tough breakup. Photo: Fotolia/TNS

Single again? Read this book

25 April 2015

An author shares survival tips for re-entering the dating world after a big break-up.

Robot swarm: Look out for this exact same scene (minus Firestar) when the Avengers take on the army of Ultrons in Avengers: Age Of Ultron

10 reasons Ultron deserves to be a major Avengers movie villain

21 April 2015

The robot supervillain is one of Earth’s mightiest heroes’ greatest villains in the comics.

This photo shows Osa Johnson introducing ice cream to people of the Tenggara tribe. Photo: Spirit Of Borneo

Rare photos of 1920s Sabah in ‘Spirit Of Borneo: Martin & Osa Johnson’s Journey’

21 April 2015

A husband-and-wife team of documentary filmmakers from Hollywood captured the people and wildlife of bygone days.

PLACE TOGETHER WITH PIC B, TREAT AS MAIN VISUAL: The good and the bad: The Graveyard Book: Vol 1 is an excellent adaptation of one-half of Neil Gaimans bestselling novel by P. Craig Russell, and a hand-picked group of artists. Twilight ... well, its not as if the adaptors had much greatness to translate from the original material anyway -- Filepics

Graphic versions of novels: Are they any good?

21 April 2015

Star2 compares novels with their graphic novel versions to see how different they are.

Life is too short to spend plodding through a book you don’t enjoy. Photo: Richard

Booked Out: On unfinished books and ‘The Blind Side Of The Heart’

19 April 2015

As guilty as it might make us feel, we should give ourselves permission to abandon books we don’t enjoy.

Author Ken Liu’s epic fantasy ‘Grace Of Kings’ goes East Asian with shapeshifting gods

19 April 2015

Epic fantasy goes East Asian with vast armies, shapeshifting gods and silkpunk technologies.

Filename : 000_dv1417703.079b5093713.original.jpg - To go with German literary lion Gunter Grass dies at 87 (published on 2015-04-13 12:35:16)

Nobel-winning German novelist Günter Grass dies at age 87

14 April 2015

The acclaimed yet controversial author of ‘The Tin Drum’ passes on.

The store has an urban industrial vibe.

Indie publishers Buku Fixi opens first bricks-and-mortar store, Kedai Fixi

14 April 2015

Fixi founder Amir Muhammad hopes his bookstore will help people find excitement.

Ready to rumble: Telos, the multiversal Superman fight promoter. Eat your heart out, Don King.

Worlds Of Wonder: Alternate Earths clash in DC’s Convergence

14 April 2015

Go under the dome of DC’s major event of the year: Convergence.

Vittachi says that the World Readers’ Award is ‘looking for books with a fresh, global perspective’. Photo: Nury Vittachi

The World Readers’ Award aims to be a truly global book prize

12 April 2015

A new literary award intends to honour writers the world over, regardless of their nationalities.

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The finalists for Man Booker International Award are...

The finalists for the 2015 Man Booker International Prize are announced by chair of judges Professor Marina Warner, at a press conference at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, on Tuesday 24 March 2015


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