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Must-read comics for Halloween

28 October 2014

A roundup of page-turners designed to creep you out, all year round.


Wytches is a personal spin on horror

28 October 2014

Scott Snyder concedes that his new horror comic is dark and brutal – and gets worse after the first issue.


Neil Gaiman’s ghostly creations get the graphic novel treatment

28 October 2014

Worlds of Wonder celebrates Halloween with two very different stories by Neil Gaiman that both deal with the spooky world of ghosts.

Dave Gibbons named Britain’s first comics laureate

28 October 2014

'Watchmen' co-creator will spend stint championing role of comics in improving literacy.

Books of the week: Crime and mystery

28 October 2014

This week, it’s all about solving murder crimes and uncovering secrets of the past.


Singapore Writers Festival 2014 celebrates beauty in literature

28 October 2014

This year’s Singapore Writers Festival line-up includes such big names as Naomi Wolf, Paul Theroux, Raymond E. Feist and Karen Joy Fowler.

Tips on how to write horror fiction

26 October 2014

Three published — and bestselling! — Malaysian authors share their techniques on how to create a good scare on the page.

Success stories: Malaysian horror fiction, a growing genre

26 October 2014

There’s more to scary fiction than schlocky exploitation say local horror fic authors.

Papal favourites served up in new recipe book

23 October 2014

Member of Swiss Guard features dishes from various countries.

Books of the week: The fight for survival

21 October 2014

Junior Reading Room: This week it’s all about saving the world, and learning to love and appreciate one another.

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