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He coined the word ‘cyberspace’ and he’s called a futurist but that’s not what William Gibson is. What he does, he says, is look for ‘hits of novelty’ that he can re-imagine and incorporate into his speculative fiction. – Wikimedia Commons

William Gibson coaxes the future out of the present

23 November 2014

'Neuromancer' author discusses his latest book and how he creates the future.

The tweet that triggered the real sleepover.

Waterstones partners with Airbnb for a sleepover for winners

22 November 2014

Bookstore in London hosts real sleepover with Airbnb after tourist incident.

Marvel, after Wolverine’s demise

18 November 2014

Worlds of Wonder: Sentinels, Magneto, ninjas and bad movies couldn’t do it – in the end, it was a relatively mundane item that killed our man Logan.

The rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke forms the central spine of the entire series.

Saying sayonara to 15 years of Naruto

18 November 2014

We take a look back at long-running manga Naruto, which ended last week.

Paulo Coelho on life, work and ‘Adultery’

17 November 2014

What makes people in perfect situations unravel? According to best-selling author Paulo Coelho, it’s passion.

Some good stuff in ‘Jamie’s Comfort Food’

16 November 2014

The Naked Chef says his latest book is his most scrumptious and gratifying yet in the comfort department. Our writer puts it to the test.

What’s it like having a child with Down syndrome?

16 November 2014

A father writes about his own imperfect reaction to having a child with Down syndrome, as well as humanity’s often awful treatment of people with disabilities.

Helen MacDonald’s ‘extraordinary memoir’ won the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction on Nov 4. — Photo from Samuel Johnson Prize

Helen Macdonald is the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize winner

16 November 2014

An extraordinary memoir by Helen Macdonald wins the top non-fiction literary prize.

Another reason the Ubud Festival is so popular: there is a ton of information and interesting thoughts available for anyone interested in reading, writing, and publishing. -- Anggara Mahendra/UWRF 2014

Ubud Writers And Readers Festival: Wisdom through travel writing

16 November 2014

Among the themes explored at this year’s Ubud Writers And Readers Festival 2014 was writing about life-changing journeys.

Pulitzer Prize-winning Irish poet Paul Muldoon performing at the Singapore Writers Festival 2014.

Singapore Writers Festival: Laying beauty bare

16 November 2014

Big-name writers discuss notions of beauty at the recent Singapore Writers Festival.

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David Hine sketches a comic book villain at the Singapore Writers Festival 2014

Comic books writer / graphic novelist David Hine does an exclusive sketch for Star2's SHARMILLA GANESAN at the Singapore Writers Festival 2014.


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