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V.S. Naipaul dropped from popular writers’ festival because of demands

18 September 2014

Ubud Writers And Readers Festival was faced with a large appearance fee for the celebrated author.

Venugopal believes that storytelling and theatre do wonders for a child.

Shantini Venugopal on her colourful new book

16 September 2014

The author and theatre star sets out to educate through theatre and a book on jellybeans.

we were liars

This week's book collection: Drama to draw you in

16 September 2014

There’re fairytales, fantasy and vampires, mixed in with a healthy dose of fun and some teen drama this week.

Malaysian comic artist Tan Eng Huat says he tried to inject styles he learnt drawing wuxia comics in Hong Kong into his Marvel martial arts series.

Marvels in Malaysia: A focus on home-grown talent

16 September 2014

Worlds Of Wonder: On this special day, we check out local comic creator Tan Eng Huat, as well as a couple of made-in-Malaysia graphic novels.

Willy Wonka vs Charlie for the better Chocolate Factory movie

14 September 2014

The iconic book was twice made into movies.


Discussing a love/hate affair with Roald Dahl's 'Chocolate Factory'

14 September 2014

Is it a love it/hate it kind of book? Two booklovers discuss a Roald Dahl classic from either side of a Dahl divide.

A piece of George Orwell’s life restored in India

13 September 2014

India has begun to restore the dilapidated house where author George Orwell was born and turn it into a museum.

Fashion designer Donna Karan is writing a memoir

13 September 2014

The book is set for a 2015 release.

Chef Joël Robuchon to release cookbook for well-being

11 September 2014

Food & Life penned with neuropharmacologist and acupuncturist.

And the real ‘Jack the Ripper’ is…

10 September 2014

A British writer claims to have DNA proof that reveals the true identity of legendary Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper.

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