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New Sherlock Holmes novel due out in September

26 February 2015

Latest crime, imagined by Bonnie MacBird, involves kidnap, murder, art theft.

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary MalaysiaEditor: Meredith WeissPublisher: Routledge, 480 pages, non fiction

Routledge Handbook: An insightful exploration of Malaysia

24 February 2015

This book offers analytical articles by 35 local and international contributors from different academic and social disciplines.

Eve of destruction: Secret Wars kicks off with issue 0, a free prologue arriving on May 2, which happens to be Free Comic Book Day.

Is Marvel’s new universe the ultimate mash-up?

24 February 2015

Marvel’s new universe – doesn’t that sound familiar? – will rise from the ashes of several old ones.

Peter Parkers death in Ultimate Spider-Man 160 was one of the most poignant superhero deaths of all time.

It's the end of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe as we know it

24 February 2015

With the Ultimate Universe coming to an end in May, we look back at some of Ultimate Marvel’s defining moments.

Marshall Cavendish general and reference publishing managing editor Manjula Aryaduray editing a manuscript at her desk. -- Filepic

It's not what you think

22 February 2015

Localise: There’s editing, and then there’s ‘editing’, the local version.

Uncovered: Original unpublished Dr. Seuss manuscript

21 February 2015

New book is ‘What Pet Should I Get’.

Pharrell Williams releasing children's book inspired by his song 'Happy'

18 February 2015

It's the first of four and will be out in September.

Thor gets a Punk makeover

17 February 2015

Former WWE wrestler CM Punk teams up with Chew artist Rob Guillory for a thunder god tale.

(Above) Even Spideys need some lovin’ too.

Spideys everywhere! Our eight favourite Spideys from the Spider-Verse series

17 February 2015

The recent Spider-Verse story had every Spider-Man ever created.

Keeping tabs on bestseller books and reading habits

17 February 2015

E-reading platform Kobo tracks bestsellers and how frequently readers finished the titles they bought.

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David Hine sketches a comic book villain at the Singapore Writers Festival 2014

Comic books writer / graphic novelist David Hine does an exclusive sketch for Star2's SHARMILLA GANESAN at the Singapore Writers Festival 2014.


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