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Three tasty summer reads – plus recipes

29 August 2014

Okra, Italian Kitchen and My Paris Kitchen.

'Copperhead': Sci-fi Western with bite

26 August 2014

The snakes in the grass of Copperhead are of the sci-fi as well as Western sorts.

Love and music: Collection of books to check out

26 August 2014

This week, we have a romance, a thriller, a little self-help, and a big-name musician bio.

Pushing boundaries in Singapore, one play at a time

25 August 2014

Singaporean playwright Loretta Chen’s memoir ‘Woman On Top’ reveals a life lived against the grain.

Mightiest pen of all: Signed Charles Dickens book valued at RM1.5mil

24 August 2014

A signed early edition of 'A Tale Of Two Cities' by Charles Dickens has been valued at more than a quarter of a million pounds.

Andalusia was the home of Flannery O'Connor in Milledgeville. - MCT photos

Author’s Atlanta home updated

23 August 2014

Nostalgia thrives at Flannery O’Connor’s home where visitors can get a glimpse into a different era.

Iranian ‘lioness’ poet and activist Simin Behbahani dies at 87

21 August 2014

Simin Behbahani, Iran’s most outspoken poet and a Nobel Prize nominee, passed away in Tehran.

Fedoras share tips on food-beer pairings in new cookbook

21 August 2014

The culinary couple has been creating beer-inspired dinners at their North Carolina gastropub.

Like a phoenix: Historic German library restored after fire

20 August 2014

A historic library in Germany ravaged by fire in 2004 has restored 118,000 rare books including a 471-year-old book by Copernicus.

A world gone mad

17 August 2014

Book Nook asks: How do we tell our kids that their surrounding is not as safe as they think it is?

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