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No pleasantries: Cartoonist's memoir shines light on elderly care

24 July 2014

New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast's touching memoir is a funny yet unflinching document on the reality of seeing one's parents grow old.

Now, you can kook... er, cook like the Kardashians

23 July 2014

They're just everywhere – Kris Jenner will publish her family cookbook in October.

Wizards of The Coast has been managing and organising high-level tournaments for competitive Magic players to battle it out and win cash prizes as well as gain recognition.

Welcome to the world of competitive 'Magic' gaming

22 July 2014

Most people pick up 'Magic: The Gathering' for fun. But there are those whose passion for the trading card game takes them to new levels – the world stage.

This screen grab of the Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers online game depicts a battle scene between the player and an AI opponent.

21 and all grown up: Trading card game 'Magic: The Gathering'

22 July 2014

Trading card game 'Magic: The Gathering' is still going strong, 21 years after it was launched.

Paul Kupperberg on killing Archie: 'When you mess with icons, you're playing with dynamite'

22 July 2014

Archie Andrews' author Paul Kupperberg admits he found it daunting and heart-rending to write the death panels of a guy who’s been entertaining folks since 1941.

'Inspector Singh' is as sharp as author Sharmini Flint

22 July 2014

Sharmini Flight, the author of Inspector Singh's investigations, up about her famous Sikh policeman and why readers aren’t that enthusiastic about Malaysian novels.

Living Landscapes, Connected Communities, edited by Justine Vaz and Narumol Aphinives and published by Areca Books, is a 344-page  book featuring almost 50 contributors from five countries â¿" Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand.

'Living Landscapes, Connected Communities' explores the diversity of us

22 July 2014

Justine Vaz and Narumol Aphinives' new book, an ambitious project featuring contributors from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and the Philippines, examines biocultural diversity through essays, poetry and photographs.

Ooh look, did someone make the change in Mjolnir's inscription for the all-new lady Thor? No! It's from What If? Vol 2 #66, when Rogue absorbed Thor's powers and psyche AND gained the ability to wield Mjolnir. (found on Wonderful Girl's blog at

Female Thor? Black Captain America? It's Avengers NOW!

22 July 2014

Marvel’s new 'Avengers Now!' line-up includes Sam Wilson as Captain America, a female Thor, and the Superior Iron Man. Say who?

Smells like team spirit: The new, 'relevant' Guardians of the Galaxy storming into action with - say, is that Tony Stark with them?

Worlds Of Wonder: Rise of the Guardians

22 July 2014

With the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' movie coming out next week, we look at what makes this team of misfits click.

Wanted: Picture book creators

20 July 2014

Picture books are often our earliest introduction to the world of reading, and despite their association with childhood, there is nothing simple about creating one. This could explain the relative scarcity of quality, original picture books with Asian content, written and illustrated by Asians.

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