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New era in whitening products

A french skincare brand heralds a new era in whitening with its innovative formulation.

IT’S no secret that Asian women have long aspired to have fairer, brighter and more translucent skin. In fact, the lengths that some women would go to can be a little unnerving, ranging from putting on unnaturally-white powder (not unlike that used by the Japanese geishas) from dubious sources, to actually using bleaching substances on their faces.

Of course, the better bet would be to go for scientifically proven products that are not only safe, but will leave your skin looking more radiant and evenly toned, rather than just a shade of sickly looking, not to mention patchy, white.

The whole idea is not to come off looking like a ghost, but for your skin to reflect light and and a healthy glow.

After conducting an in-depth study on the skin’s optical properties, the scientists at Clarins Laboratories have for the first time, identified millions of natural, reflective properties known as “micro-mirrors” within every layer of the skin, and concluded that our human skin is very similar to a mirror.

According to Eric Gooris, head of Clarins Laboratories, Superior Scientific Innovation, the new Clarins White Plus range is based on the story of micro-mirrors because Asian women are always looking for ways to reflect inner (skin) light, much like conventional mirrors.

Did you know that while the skin absorbs light, 4% to 7% of this light is reflected on the skin’s surface, and more than 90% penetrates into the skin and interacts with the skin structure? The capacity of the skin to interact with light is essential for its luminescence. As such, the skin acts like millions of micro-mirrors, interacting with light to produce its appearance in terms of colour and radiance.

There are three kinds of micro-mirrors within the skin: melanin, hydrated keratinocytes and micro-circulation. The new range utilises three main ingredients that work specifically on these factors to give better brightening action so as to produce more radiant and healthy-looking skin.

There’s sandspurry which limits the formation and development of melanosomes in which melanin production occurs; ginkgo biloba which provides protection of the blood micro-circulation for healthier-looking skin; and hyaluronic acid which improves skin hydration.

Sandspurry extract, explained Gooris in a press statement, was exclusively developed for Clarins. It comes from a plant called Spergularia rubra, which botanists dub “pioneers” due to the fact that it takes root and spreads in some of the most desolate areas. In doing so, it helps recreate biodiversity. It develops on sandy rock areas in North Africa, thanks to its long, tough roots that grow deep into the ground to find sufficient water supplies.

It’s only logical for Clarins to look to ethnobotanical sources as this has always been the brand’s inspiration. Spergularia was traditionally used by Moroccan women to help diminish the visible signs of hyperpigmentation that appears with age. They would ground the plant into a powder and mix it with olive oil to make a cream.

The Clarins lab was so taken up by the idea of its local use that researchers took to screening the plant to select the fraction that conveys the whitening efficacy.

The end result is the Transluminescent Complex contained within the new White Plus range which consists of a potent concoction of sandspurry extract (taken from the stem, flower and leaves of the plant), alchemilla extract and hyaluronic acid.

“We are constantly exploring plant ingredients and employing the latest technology for optimal effectiveness of our products. The Transluminescent Complex acts at the core of melanin production by limiting melanosome biogenesis. As melanin pigments are synthesised inside this melanosome, limiting the formation of melanosome helps decrease the production of melanin,” he added.

The new White Plus range also acts on three different layers of the skin: on the surface, its hydration level is improved and the skin looks more radiant; in the epidermis layer, dark spots and their pigmentation intensity are reduced; and at the dermis, it protects micro-circulation to reduce yellowish skin tones.

The must-have products in the range are: the Intensive Brightening Serum that provides advanced skincare for fairer, more even skin with better translucency and healthy-looking, rosy luminescence, and the Brightening Hydrating Emulsion that promotes skin radiance and moisturisation.

There’s also the Brightening Soft Aqua-Milk said to comfort skin prone to dryness and cold weather; and the invigorating Brightening Pure Aqua-Lotion, said to be ideal for combination skin and hot climates, and claimed to purify and tighten pores, and tone the epidermis.

The Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser gently cleanses and purifies the skin and contains gypsophila extract while the All Spots Brightening Corrector is a roll-on product that offers ultra-concentrated anti-imperfection skincare benefits. Its salicylic acid helps to reduce dark spots by encouraging the elimination of dead cells and accumulated melanin on the skin surface. Meadowsweet extract is said to prevent the proliferation of bacteria at the skin surface and limit inflammation.

The Clarins’ Skin Spa has also come up with a Whitening Luminescence Restorer Treatment, offering targeted products combined with massage techniques to revive radiance, brightness and skin translucency. It also includes a special treatment for hands, neck and décolleté.

The facial treatment is said to be able to diminish existing dark spots and prevent new ones from forming as well as brighten the complexion and refresh the skin. The hour-long treatment is available at all Clarins Skin Spa centres for RM228.

Prices for the White Plus products range from RM115 to RM395. Available at all Clarins counters and Skin Spa centres.

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