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Brimming with energy

You can expect this Water Snake to spit ‘fire’ as it takes command for the year.

THIS Yin Water Snake Year (Feb 4, 2013 to Feb 4, 2014) is symbolised by two elements – water sitting on top of fire. According to the cycle of birth and destruction, water is the destroyer of fire. Hence, the elements this year (water and fire) are on a destructive cycle and in conflict, says renowned Hong Kong feng shui master Raymond Lo.

“The Snake is a fire element in the 12-animal zodiac system. So the Snake Year will bring fire. It is usually a year of strong energy and drive, and brings changes and upheavals,” he explains.

“However, on top of the Snake this year is yin water, which is a moderating force. Also called ‘morning dew,’ it represents patience, humbleness and tolerance. Hence, this yin water can keep the Fire Snake under control and make this year less violent.”

The fire element indicates social unrest, revolutions, bombs, bullets, explosions and nuclear threats.

As such, Lo predicts: “It will not be a peaceful year. There will be international conflicts and disharmony (terrorist attacks, revolutions, skirmishes and killings). However, such clashes will be less violent compared to those in the last few years.”

Lo adds that there will not be any major wars, and conflicts will be “less fierce” than those in the previous Snake years of 1941, 1989 and 2001.

This year, natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes will wreak havoc, according to Lo.

“Warm water and warm moist air are two conditions essential to creating hurricanes and tornadoes,” he says, citing that in the previous Yin Water Snake Year (1953), many hurricanes occurred.

In September that year, a big hurricane in South-East Asia claimed the lives of over 1,000 people. In May (1953), a tornado hit Waco in Texas, the United States, killing 114 people. In June, another tornado killed 115 people in Michigan before hitting Massachusetts and claiming another 94 lives.


In Chinese metaphysics, the Snake represents “a travelling star,” while water is the element of transport and communication.

The Water Snake Year will see a surge in travellers, says Lo, who warns of calamities involving air and sea travel.

Due to its shape, the Snake is symbolic of railroad and the train. Lo foresees serious accidents involving rail travel.

The Snake is a powerful fire element and this energy will trigger fiery disasters, explosions and energy issues. The danger months are February and August.

In 1953, the Soviet Union and the United States were in a race to test nuclear weapons and expand their nuclear arsenal.

Lo will not be surprised if the hot issue this year is the development of nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea.

In the Chinese calendar system, the Snake is an Earthly branch with the hidden elements of yang metal, yang earth, and yang fire.

The Snake is symbolic of the month of May, a birth month of the metal element.

According to Lo: “Yang metal is a weapon, and yang fire is big energy which is compared to the sun, and can imply nuclear energy. This combination of yang metal and yang fire indicates that the issue of nuclear weapons will become the most serious issue in international relationships this year.”


The flying star No.5 (also called Five Yellow, a bad energy) is in the centre and flying star No.2 (Two Black, a sickness energy) is in the South-West.

These two locations are easily affected by the spread of viruses which could lead to disease outbreaks, Lo cautions.

The centre includes any country bearing the name of Central or Middle, such as China (also known as the Middle Kingdom), the Middle East, Central Africa and Central America.

In 1953, there was an influenza outbreak in Britain, the United States and Japan. In Britain, 5,655 people died of influenza in the first three months of the year.

The feng shui master says that this year, the yin water element will clash with yin fire which symbolises the heart, brain and eyes. This may give rise to more cases of strokes, heart attacks and eye problems.

People with heart and blood circulation problems should safeguard their health.

Meanwhile, yin fire also symbolises lighting.

“When there is a clash, power blackouts may take place,” he says.


All is not gloom, though. Heartening news awaits. The fire element is said to be the driving force behind the stock market.

“We can expect substantial improvements in the economy as investors regain confidence. There will be a lot of economic activity and the stock market will be very active, particularly in spring and summer,” says Lo.

“The strong fire element this year creates a positive mood, shoring up optimism and buying confidence. This positive energy will continue into 2014 which will see more powerful fire from the Wood Horse.”

Lo says the water-fire element in 2013 is expected to bring prosperity to earth industries (property, hotel, mining and insurance) and metal industries (high-tech, banking, machinery, automobile and engineering).

It is also a positive year for wood industries (textile, clothing, magazines, paper, books and the environment).

Water-related industries such as the shipping industry will gain financially.

However, this year is not too good for fire-related industries (energy, restaurants, finance, entertainment) as competition will be stiff.

I, J, S, T

Feng shui master Gan Wai Kwang of Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, predicts that in the Water Snake Year, calamities, diseases and countries affected by misfortunes are likely to be linked to the letters I, J, S and T, based on his feng shui calculations on the five elements in Chinese astrology.

Gan says in China, cities and provinces which may be hit are Shanghai, Sichuan, Shanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Tianjin. Tibet is also considered to be under red alert for disasters.

Also, countries in the South-East such as Australia and New Zealand may be affected as they are located in the Tai Sui (Grand Duke) sector this year. In Chinese astrology, the Grand Duke is an energy force that you should not disturb or you may be afflicted with severe loss, illness and bad luck.

Natural disasters – droughts, landslides, fires and volcanic eruptions – are likely to be triggered by weather changes and rising temperatures.

He foresees disasters involving aircraft, trains and collapsed buildings.

There will be more incidences of gastrointestinal, lung and mouth diseases.

“There may also be an outbreak of SARS, as happened a decade ago, or a new disease,” says Gan.

Women are more prone to diseases this year and should go for health screenings.

“The crime rate involving youths is likely to soar this year. Many young men (students and office workers) will be under a lot of pressure (academic, family, emotional or monetary),” he says. “June, July and September are danger months when bad luck and misfortune may strike.”


Generally, this Snake Year is an improvement over the previous year.

“The first half is better than the second half. The economy will largely be government-driven and everyone will benefit,” says Kuala Lumpur-based geomancer Yap Boh Chu.

“The keyword is decisiveness. To succeed, be bold and sure of your decisions, and do things openly,” Yap advises.

Yap goes on to explain that leaders should make clear their company policies.

“When an action needs to be taken, do not hesitate or the leadership will flounder,” says Yap.

Change is inherent and there will be many changes this year. Legal issues will feature strongly in businesses.

“We will likely see more corporate litigations. Be careful of contracts and scrutinise all documents before signing,” Yap warns.

The Water Snake Year is going to be a very wet year with lots of rain. Floods and storms may cause concern this year, and the northern states will be adversely affected. Nevertheless, the agricultural sector will fare well.

Healthwise, Yap advises: “Be careful of head injuries; use the helmet where appropriate. Watch out for lung ailments, urinary tract infections and flu.”

“Tai Sui is in the South-East, so do not move your bed to face this direction,” says Yap.

If your house faces this direction, do not undertake renovation of the whole house; just attend to repairs that need to be carried out.

Sui Poh (Year Breaker, a bad energy) is in the North-West, so avoid renovating this part of the house.

If your bedroom or study is in this sector of the house, find an alternative room, if possible. Or you can still use this room but do not (let your bed or study) face the South-East.

The inauspicious star San Sha (3 Killings) is in the East. Do not move heavy furniture, undertake any renovations or drill or knock this part of the house

“The sickness star, 2 Black, is in the South-West. Do not activate this corner, that is, do not undertake any renovations, move heavy furniture or place water features here,” Yap advises.

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